Sadaa-e-Dard, Delhi - Some messages received

We were mesmerised by the show. At the outset, congratulations on the launch of Website on Mukesh today by his family. It is a well-researched site and labour of your love and dedication to the singer. The songs both non-filmi and from the films were well chosen. Once again, the team work was clearly visible and there were no glitches. Our best wishes to you and more power to your pen, research and creativity. Bimal Chadha

Came home after being absolutely mesmerised by your program today. Congratulations for successfully organising such an event. My wife and I have always felt delighted at the work you are doing to promote Indian music and culture. Lalit Chandak, Span Telecom Pvt. Ltd.

Please accept my heartiest congratulations on a great event on Mukesh and for launch of website. Rita and I really enjoyed the music and thank you for a most delightful evening. Arun Duggal

Please accept our greeting on the 5th anniversary of Ibaadat Foundation and the programme that you had organized in memory of Mukeshji. The website launched is very user friendly and going to be very useful to all the lovers of Mukeshji just as you are. Thanks once again for the invite. Mr.(W.Cmdr) Kanti Prasad Gupta

Just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the program yesterday. It was a pleasure to see the very impressive website with all the search criteria being launched. Putul Gupta

We feel grateful and privileged in having been invited to attend "Sada-e-Dard" organised by Ibaadat foundation. The programme was superb and memorable one. I have no appropriate words to appreciate it. I cannot even imagine the hard work you put in by you in collecting and collating all the work of Mukesh and then making it available to the public at large through a website. Please accept my heartiest compliments for the same. Ramesh & Sudha Gupta

Great show...3 cheers! Pranav Haldea, Managing Director, Prime Database

Thank you for sharing these hidden gems with us. Didn't know there were so many ghazals sung privately by Mukesh. Even the songs were chosen very well. Shah is an amazing singer with pathos just like Mukesh. But the most amazing event of the evening was the release of your OnlyMukesh website. Cannot even imagine the effort, dedication and precision involved in your venture. Kudos is too small a word. You are truly inspiring. Neeta Jalan

Really appreciate the effort u put in. Sanjay Kaul, Director, FE Securities Pvt. Ltd.

This is to thank you for inviting us for Sada-e-Dard. It was beautifully organized and the performance of all the artistes was very good. All of you must be complimented for the effort being put in by the time to organize a function like this. Rama and Vinod Khurana

Congratulations on yet another fabulous show, made even more special because it was dedicated to my most favorite singer Mukesh. Above all, what a treat you have created through your website. For that achievement alone, you truly deserve to be lauded and applauded. Bhavna Neelam Kohli

It was an amazing experience to come for the Mukesh show. The selection of film songs and non-film songs and ghazals was really good, and the interspersing of these was such a good idea too. The singers were really good, and I appreciate very much the fact that Ibaadat selects and bring good aspiring singers, motivating them and encouraging them to stay in the field of music. The love and affection that comes through all of Ibaadat's programmes is so palpable, with the audience and stage performers connected emotionally, that makes it a very special Oh My God. I have never ever attended such magnificent show on Legendary Singer Mukesh ji. Hats off to you for such amazing research. We are simply indebted to you for including us in the audience of such a Gem words to express. This was one of the bestest bestest events. Tahe hriday se aabhaar. Rita Mathur

experience to come to Ibaadat's programmes. Smita Premchander, Secretary, Sampark, Development Advisor, Visiting Faculty, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

I enjoyed your show thoroughly. Thank you so much for giving such a beautiful show and for the website you have launched on Mukesh Ji, Dhanpat Rai, Manager-IT, Syndicate Bank

Thoroughly enjoyed the show. Pranav was the surprise package for me. Many thanks for the invite. Mamta & Chetan Sharma

It was wonderful to attend Sadaa-e-Dard. This was a memorable evening. All unreleased ghazals, drove us to the down memory lane. These can be hardly listened to these days although we have 24/7 FM. Hats off to your research. The concept was different and beautifully designed. Neelam Sharma

It was a glorious evening as usual presented by your team. The meticulous research and presentation is something to be admired. Your selection of singers was superb. New voices for us … Mukhtar from Ahmedabad, Kapil from Khurja and Stutee from Delhi wanting to become a pro are such exciting voices to hear. Your programme was full of surprises like nearly lost ghazals and songs. Great programme. Please keep it up. Our personal suggestion, people should pay to see such laboured programme. Days of freebies should be over. You have done a yeomen service to create OnlyMukesh website. The kind of variables you have generated is unbelievable. Fantastic hard work and labour. Three cheers to you. Suresh and Reetha Shetty, Emerging Securities Pvt. Ltd.

Thank you again for giving my wife and me a chance to enjoy such a nice and unique musical program. Late Mukesh has been my favorite singer so it was nice to enjoy an evening which was totally dedicated to him. On the presentation of the program, it was a good idea to intertwine his private ghazals with popular film songs. The selection of songs/ghazals was good. You must be given credit for finding and giving opportunity to not so well known singers from smaller towns. The orchestra from behind performed flawlessly and must have been great support to the singers. You deserve special compliments for researching which had the final product in the form of "OnlyMukesh" website. D.P. Singh, SBI Funds Management Pvt. Ltd.

Enjoyed. Please accept my heartiest congratulations. Ramji Sinha

Thank you so much for inviting us to Sada- e-Dard. Live music was great. Seema Sinha

Excellent program. A well conducted one......the orchestra and selection of songs was par excellence. Ritu Venkatesh, Niece of Mukeshji