Rooh-e-Majrooh, Dubai - Some messages received

The program was undoubtedly excellent. I and my wife both immensely enjoyed the evening. I am thankful to my dear friend Amarjeet who had strongly recommended to attend this program. Ibaadat is doing a great service to Urdu/Hindi literature and I congratulate you and your entire team for that. Please do let me know if I can be of any assistance to you. Nadeem Ahmad, Investment Director, Ghobash Trading & Investment Co. Ltd.

Enjoyed it a lot. Really good and full marks to the Ibaadat team. Asad Ahmed, Managing Director, Alvarez & Marsal Middle East Ltd.

Thank you so much lovely evening enjoyed a lot. Waiting more programs to enjoy.Vandana/Suresh Ahuja, Cony Trading

The experience of Rooh-e-Majrooh was absolutely fabulous and touched us deeply. Everything went off very smooth and as we see it there can be no suggestions for improvements. We can only recommend that a show like this should travel to more places so more people can experience the legendary work of Majrooh Sahab and connect with his legacy. The show started and ended as per schedule which is rarity and the talent showcasing Majrooh Sahab's songs were one of the finest. It was organized better than any big scale event we ever attended. Our gratitude to all of you (all artists, Majrooh Sahab's family and friends included) who worked on the show and allowed us to be a part of this beautiful experience. Big hearty congratulations to you all for doing such a tremendous job. Kriti and Nitin Angurala, IBM

We, with our families, enjoyed. It was a wonderful experience. I would like to add that you had given an opportunity to a young singer from Kandivli, Mr Sarvesh Mishra, to perform in front of a large Dubai audience. He justified your confidence in him.Mahendra K.Asher, Sr.Partner, Mahendra Asher & Co.

It was a wonderful experience! The singers were amazing and the show was very well organized. The passion of your group was very much obvious. Look forward for many more good shows in future! Ashok Bablani

It was just beautiful, you guys are doing a tremendous job. We would like to be a part of this Ibaadat journey as much as we can. The singers were excellent, we loved the choice of songs but the best part was the “sama” you people had created. There was an aura, which was one of its kind. Thanks for letting us being a part of this evening. All the best for your journey. Shashi Bakshi/Ashok Bakshi, Aztec Trading LLC

Rooh-e-Majrooh was a mesmerising function. Yogesh Bali

The show was great, although being a Bengali, my understanding of Urdu is really challenged so I have to say I could only enjoy the musical bit of the evening. Thanks for bringing such a lovely show to Dubai and having us over as the audience. Thought the entire show was well conducted. Sarvesh and Suprriya were excellent. I wish you and the entire team success in your future plans & hope to attend more of your shows, if you plan to have them in Dubai. A truly soulful evening. Kudos to Ibaadat. Anuradha Basu, Good Housekeeping Magazine, ITP Publishing Group

Thank you for such a fantastic show… Please compliment every one of the performers from my side. Resham Bellani, Change Business Analyst, Lean, Corporate Affairs, Mashreq Bank

The event was very well organized. Look forward to attending such events in future as well. Gaurav Bhalla, Sr. Manager, Collections, Retail Banking, Emirates NBD

It was mesmerising. The format was unique and the efforts put behind the show truly paid off. I felt it was great and even the pauses & breaks felt natural. It was splendid. Thank you for allowing us to be part of this wonderful experience. Wish you all the very best for future shows, and we hope to remain part of the Ibaadat Foundation family.Ankit Bhandari

We were not only satisfied, but impressed with the way show has been formatted. I must congratulate you and your organization to have come up with this concept. Arun Bhandari, People Pulse Media LLC

It was indeed a great event and we really enjoyed. Hope to see you more often in UAE.Sharad Bhandari, Managing Partner, Ardent Advisory & Accounting LLC

That was a great show. Are you planning similar shows on other Indian artists of the past? Realize it is a big effort. Anil Bhardwaj

First of all my heartiest congratulations for organizing such a wonderful programme. It was really a life time experience thoroughly enjoyable and soul stirring event. The format was superb and the singers were outstanding. Once again thank you very much for organizing a great event. Ramesh Bhatia, Managing Director, Waterman LLC

It was really a wonderful programme and a big tribute to the late Majroohji. Believe me it was really class of its own. The cast have done a very good role and kept the audience spell bound. Congratulations once again for this beautiful programe. I wish you all the best in your future, and look forward to seeing you all once again in Dubai in the very near future. Ratan Bhatia, Product Support Manager-Middle East Region, Uni-Corp Europe-Paclite Equipment

Congratulations for organizing such a wonderful evening. My family and me are thankful to you and Ibaadat for having us over to be a part of it. I have written a few lines today to describe my feelings of yesterday which I hope you would like: 
Ajeeb shaam thi unse mulakat ki, jahan nasha bhi tha aur raqs bhi.
Jisne yaadon ko jagaya aur dil ko behlaya.
Kuch hansaya, kuch rulaya aur phir apni aaghosh mein sulaya.
Jab aankh khuli to ek Manzar sa bana paya,
Ek chehera us Shaks ka, 
Jisne is jahan mein hame jeena sikhaya.

Rajiv Dalmia

We enjoyed the show. I commend you and the team on giving us a refreshingly different experience. I liked the format which was both informally chatty and full of content at the same time. What a great way to retire, Prithvi! Vishnu Deuskar, Managing Director, Salvus Advisors JLT

Thanks a lot for having invited me for the show. Honestly speaking, one of the best shows I have ever enjoyed. The event was wonderfully organized and I congratulate each one of you for that. I don’t think that you need to change the structure of the event, it was appropriate and well-choreographed. Pankaj Ganjoo, Bank J Safra Sarasin Asset Management Company ME

What can we say to express how much we all have enjoyed. To be honest we were in two minds whether we should come for the show or not. But we are so glad we came for the show. It touched our souls. The music exceeded our expectations and time just flew. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to come and enjoy the soul stirring music and atmosphere. If there is anything we can do for the Foundation please do let us know. We couldn’t have asked for anything better. Preeti Gehanni, General Manager, Sunshine Homes Real Estate

We thoroughly enjoyed the show. It was truly outstanding in both format and content. Honestly, when I came to attend the program, I was rather sceptical as to whether I would be able to identify with a poetry program, as neither am I very poetic nor so comfortable with Urdu (even though Malathi is very comfortable, as you probably know). But, the program kept me so captivated for the entire length, I enjoyed every minute of it. I think, what you have achieved is making ordinary folks like me also start appreciating Urdu poetry, which is a remarkable feat. The choice of anchor as well as the performing artists were also excellent. Was glad to discover Naveen's talent (even though you all had known it always). All in all, a Great program and you get full kudos for the same. Keep it up ! S.Gopalan, CEO, Reem Batteries and Power Applinaces Co. , Oman (Came from Muscat to attend)

It was mind-blowing. And your management was too good and my boss Naveen sir done superb job. Afzal Hassan

Dear Prithvi, Greetings of the Day. About "Rooh-e-Majrooh":

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Nadim Husain, Relationship Manager, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank 

We enjoyed the concert thoroughly. Concept was very good. Dramatizing the whole thing as a casual living room conversation was a good idea as it kept the continued interest. Nostalgic journey to the old era was a rare treat in current times when importance of lyrics in songs is diminishing. A big thank you to all organizers and performers from us!Anupama Jain/Rakesh Jain

First of all I must thank you both for a wonderful evening, never imagine would be so nice…The efforts and pain you all have taken is absolutely fantastic, what ever appreciation we do is less…I was really touched when you gave tribute to Deepali Shah Joshi, what a wonderful singer she was. She performed for me personally in my house here in Dubai and in Mumbai home including sang for us during my daughter’s wedding and also in desert safari in Dubai… amazing… what a small world. I like to admire you all for such a great passion for poetry with Music… I and my wife simply love it. Again thanks for such an event.. I would have lost more than a million if I had missed…
har aks me woh hain har ehsaas bhi unhi se ... kya baat hai unme ke har baat hai unhi se…. 
dil dimaag dastoor sab kho chuke kasam se ...ab toh jo bacha hai woh hai bas unhi se........ 
har aahat pe gumaan hota hai ....kahin woh toh nahi .........
phir mann ko mana lete hain woh hai bhi toh hamare nahi 

Narendra (Nick) Jain, Vice President Finance, Frank's International Middle East LLC 

My sincere gratitude for an absolute amazing & memorable evening (Rooh-e-Majrooh). The whole presentation in form of casual conversation was very intimate & touching. I will be more than happy to give my contribution towards this incredible cause of keeping in touch with our roots & rich past. Shirish Jain, Director, Matrix Finishes LLC 

It was an amazing experience. G. Jayaprasad, Web/Graphic Design Officer, Congress Solutions International

Rooh-e-Majrooh was unimaginable. Over 125 of his songs and shers were woven in a short story of 2 hours. Prithvi: this was the best programme of Ibaadat, this was real fruit of Junoon-passion for poetry and music. Sunil Kala(Came from India to attend)

I am very lucky to have attended the above marvellous programme organised by you all gentle men and women. It was a well planned, strategically and systematically designed to suit all sincere audience. I was very delighted to see such an awesome evening show and would like to thank and appreciate your efforts. Hope to see such more programmes from Ibaadat. Once more…my heartiest congratulation for conducting an enjoyable evening. Ahmad Kamal, General Manager, Inter Pacific Electro-Mechanical Contracting Co., ABCN Business Center,Port Saeed

We thoroughly enjoyed the show Rooh-e-Majrooh. The singers were outstanding and the format easy going. We are not as well versed with Urdu as one would like to be, but the explanations by the on stage participants helped. We would have liked to listen to more songs but that demand is never ending and I am sure you chose the best that you wanted others to appreciate. Sanjeev Kharwadkar, FlyDubai

The show was awesome! Chhaya Khattar/Ravi Khattar

Simply wonderful!! Perfect in every sense. The show was well conceived and executed. The seamless script and flow was so pleasing that we could have spent another couple of hours. We thoroughly enjoyed the evening. It was our privilege to attend such a program. Vimal Kocher, Managing Director, Avnet Technology Solutions Middle East 

It was very good and well managed. Naresh Kothari, Intertec Systems LLC

We are keen and passionate music lovers especially of the Golden era of Bollywood music. We would consider lucky to attend similar programmes in the future organized by your team. A.N.Krishnan, General Manager, Nilgiris International FZCO

It was a mind blowing performance…It went so fast and it really touched our Rooh. I really don't have words to express myself. Shyamala Krishnan/Surmala Krishnan

We attended the show from the beginning till end. It was a wonderful heart warming experience to hear the rendition and the dialogues of the evening constituting the musical era of Majroohji. Thanks a ton for sending us the invitation to be part of the glorious evening. As of now we are still humming the songs rendered that have not been able to critically evaluate the evening. It was flawless. Vishalam Krishnan

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to experience the show. It was very different from what we have experienced so far and the concept is really novel. The singers were really talented and to be honest I did not know that Majroohji was the lyricist for such wonderful songs. I think the attempt is very sincere and the passion came through engaging each and every one in the auditorium. It was a nice evening spent recognizing and acknowledging some lost heroes. Mandar Kulkarni and Simraan Kulkarni

We really enjoyed. It was a very unique experience and very well presented.Meenakshi Kumar/Ashok Kumar

The program was very good and we thoroughly enjoyed. Only one regret- it was a bit short one. N.C.Kumbhat

It was fabulous and well arranged. Sumit Maheshwari, Asst. Vice President, Axis Bank Ltd. 

It was indeed a great privilege and pleasure to attend the first ever overseas event of Ibaadat foundation held at Dubai. I have attended scores of musical programs during my lifetime, but have never seen such a beautifully crafted, well choreographed and melodious program. The anchors and singers were top notch. The presence of family members of the great Mr. Majrooh added great charm to the program. It was worth travelling from Bahrain to Dubai to attend this program. My best wishes for the continued success of Ibaadat foundation and looking forward to attend the next event, wherever in the world it may be. Anju/Vineet Mathur, Chief Operating Officer-Bahrain & Iraq Operations, AJM Kooheji Group BSC (C), Bahrain (Came from Bahrain to attend)

It was a pleasure to attend the performance and frankly, the standard was far above my expectations - it held our interest throughout. It was clearly a labour of love for‎ you and your team. All the best for your future performances. Devina Mehra, First Global

Excellent evening. We enjoyed it. It was very well managed. Kusum/Ashok Mehta

We both enjoyed a lot. First time I attended a shayars and this type of sangeet program. Madhu/D.K.Mehta, Trade House Co.

I had invited my close friends, Initially they were very reluctant to come as they had never heard of Ibadaat Foundation or Rooh-e-Majrooh evening. But after attending the evening they were without words and were so thankful to invite them for a lovely evening. The only comment from my family & friends was the evening was too short.Jawahar Mehta/Vinay Mehta , Director, Impulse Entertainment

I must thank you both for such an entertaining and fun-loving evening. The program was excellent and both me and my wife had a great time and so also some of my friends. Your team's effort was perfect to the core. Please accept my congratulations and I pray god that you may conduct much more of these events in future. Rajiv Merchant, Director, Calipar Trading FZE

Outstanding. Enjoyed the format. Singers were amazing. Song selection was perfect.Janak/Vinay Misra, Chief Executive Officer, National Telephone Services Co.LLC(Came from Muscat to attend)

Thanks a lot for such a wonderful evening. We had a great time and enjoyed each and every moment. Chandra/Dr.Padam Mohnot

Thank you for the musical and ghazal show. We enjoyed all the old Hindi songs and stories associated with some of the songs. It was very well organized and had a professional touch. Hope we will get to see many more enjoyable events like this from your group in the future. Vinod Janardhan Nair/Laxmi, Sr.Process Engineer, Emirates Aluminium

The presentation was superb. We all thoroughly enjoyed the programme and hope that we keep getting more and more opportunities to enjoy such high quality programmes in the future as well. Neelima Nanda/Praveen Nanda 

I must congratulate you on the wonderful evening we had. The music as well as the narration were delightful and brought back fond memories of my childhood. Thank you! I wish you all the best for this marvellous, pioneering work. Rashmi Nandkeolyar, Principal, Delhi Private School

I am humbled and embarrassed by this mail because I have been thinking of writing to you ever since I attended the show. In fact I really have no words to express my gratitude for having been invited to such an honorable event. From start to finish everything was picture perfect. I was totally spellbound. I loved the concept, the theme, the visualization & the presentation. Every character was a flawless professional in his/her role. I honestly have no suggestions for improvements. My only request is to keep me on your list of invitees for all future shows in Dubai. Ravi/Sunita Nath, Gulf News Head Office

Thank you for the passes. Congratulations to you and your team on an excellent performance which we greatly enjoyed. All our friends had the same feedback. It was our privilege to have attended Rooh-e-Majrooh. It was a very well executed show and extremely enjoyable. The format was very refreshing and informative with good punches of humour! The singers were very good and did full justice to each song they sang. Rajiv and I along with our friends feel it was after long that we attended a musical show par excellence!! We do hope we will have many more opportunities to be part of the Ibaadat journey. Ellora Ohri/Rajiv Ohri, Al Tayer Group

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate you for the lovely event. It was a great show and thank you so much for the invitation. Anita Pai, Director, Heart and Soul Event

Having heard of the Ibaadat’s previous programs feedback, the expectations were very high. It was the first time we were attending Ibaadats' program. Despite the big hype created around it, I can say unequivocally that the program far surpassed our expectations. The format, stage, and the script were all outstanding and more so, flawlessly executed by all of you. Bringing in Majrooh's daughter, his son-in-law, his shagird gave an authentic and personal touch. My respect for Majrooh has gone up phenomenally thanks to Ibaadat. The marketing was outstanding as the huge hall was jam packed by poetry lovers. It’s unbelievable how quickly two hours passed away and left us longing for an hour or so more. Congratulations to you and the Ibadat Team for bringing this alive. Mridula joins me in these thoughts. Mridula/Vivek Pande, Director, Khimji Ramdas, Oman (Came from Muscat to attend)

Thank you for a great evening. Rooh-e-Majrooh was an enthralling concept of presenting Majrooh Sultanpuri’s eternal poetry. It was a timeless journey of poetry and music. It took us back in time. We express our gratitude for this scintillating experience through following 2 lines:
Maikhana-e-Ibaadat ke paimane mein is qadar doob gaye
Na waqt ka hosh raha na masaaib-e-duniya ka 
Shabnam /Faiyaz Pawaney 

Thank you for the wonderful concert/programme. It was most enjoyable. I hope there will be many more such concerts and more frequently in Dubai. Shanti Poduval, United Nations

The show Rooh-e-Majrooh was mesmerising, and all of us wished it would never end. I feel it was flawless. From the script, to the singers and to the actors relating trivia were outstanding. I pray you will get many more shows like this to Dubai again and again.Chhabi Sahai/Ravi Sahai, Petrogas

It was a great experience. Thank you very much! Simran/Rajeev Samtani

It was full of pleasant surprises and the format was excellent. Your and Ibaadat Foundation research and passion was so visible. Dinesh had spoken very highly about the efforts that you put in research but that sentiment gets validated when you actually attend the show. The format is unique and that makes it a very enriching experience. My regret is that despite knowing basic Urdu at times one could not raise ones standard to the extent of beautiful language used, specially some Farsi words. I wish you and Ibaadat the very best and look forward to future shows. Aap yuun hi gaate raho logon to khush karte raho aur jab dil se taali maarne or muqaddar ki aawaz walo ke liye hamein bulate raho. Jinendra Sancheti

We enjoyed the presentation immensely. It was well thought out, brought out effortlessly and the singing of all the Main singers was excellent. Look forward to your holding many such programmes. You have indeed unveiled a totally unknown facet of your personality. P.S.Sastry, Director-Overseas Properties, Dutco Group

The event was wonderful. We had a wonderful time in the midst of some fine insight on the life of a great Indian thespian. The show was well conducted and the singers were wonderful. There should have been some kind of audience interaction for half an hour towards the end. Besides this, all was fine.
Javed Sayed, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

To summarize our experience - every minute was worth it and such a fantastic experience. On time perfect execution!!!! Great work, great show! Shiv Shanker & Rathi Shanker

I am delighted to share with you that the program was of very good quality. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Please do keep similar program in future. Naveen Sharma, Director - Internal Audit, Oasis Investment Co.LLC 

Firstly let me thank you & entire Ibaadat team with folded hands, for organizing a heart-warming show. I indeed attended Rooh-e-Majrooh along with my family and it was a great experience! It was heartening to hear Mr. Majrooh's voice (the CD recording). Hats off to you and your team for arranging that (and that I guess was the key take-away from Rooh-e-Majrooh, at least for me). I appreciate and laud Ibaadat's efforts at cherishing and nurturing our cultural heritage. The show was a big success in that direction. I would, however, still request if you can consider the following suggestion, if you deem the same fit: Younger generation would find it easier to connect with our cultural heritage and become a part of the movement, if they understand more of what is being presented. I and my wife thoroughly enjoyed the whole program and we also made efforts to make our sons get involved. While my sons also enjoyed in parts, they could not grasp part of the poetry. I knew beforehand that they would find the going tough, but I still brought them along since I feel that, if we are not able to hand over the baton to younger generations, we might be failing in our duty of making them aware of our rich cultural heritage! That is strictly my feeling Sir! I may be wrong (as pointed out in the program also, vide an anecdote where Mr. Majrooh goaded a young man to 'come up to his level'!!). I am not saying that we commercialize and turn into run-of-the mill (Bollywood-style) song-and-dance shows. Absolutely not- that would be sacrilege! Just some fine-tuning to hand-hold the younger generation and help them in coming up to the levels Mr. Majrooh dreamed of! We wish you and the entire Ibaadat team greater successes going forward. Keerat Pal Singh, Dy. Vice President & Head-Credit, Axis Bank Ltd., DIFC Branch 

Enjoyed "Rooh-e-Majrooh" enormously. Two things struck me most at the show. I had no idea of the enormous talent and variety of ghazals and songs Majrooh wrote and that so many of them became popular film songs. And another was the quality of singers you had at the show in particular the young lady. What a voice she has. Frankly, in my younger days we used to attend Mushayaras and Kavi Sammelans in Lucknow and Faizabad where I grew up but having been away for 50 years I had forgotten the pleasure of Urdu poetry. The show was presented very well which kept audience spell bound. Mahabir Singhal

Thanks for arranging such a wonderful program and enthralling us for over 2 hours. It is indeed a unique format and one could feel immersed into music and poetry. The careful research and engaging script was flawlessly executed by the entire team. Words are not enough to describe the sense of joy I felt that evening. It was like bring an inside in a mehfil or goshti. Looking forward to many more programs by Ibaadat and wishing you and your fellow trustees all the very best in the noble mission they have undertaken. Your passion is so inspirational. Sharad Singhvi, Vice President – HR, PETROFAC

This was the first show we had attended and must say it was our pleasure. The format was good, made us feel a part of the conversation. However it did leave us longing for more. Tulika Sinha

It was absolute pleasure to witness Rooh-e-Majrooh. Full credit to your entire team. Appreciate the effort. Poppy Sodhi

It was a programme par excellence. Perfect to the core. Every minute detail was well taken care of. We enjoyed every bit of it. Wished it was a bit longer. Dil nahin bhara I must say! Singers were too good. Looking forward to more programmes and wishing you and your team all the very best for all future endeavours in your Ibaadat journey.Jagata Subramaniam

Attended your show Rooh-e-Majrooh. The show was outstanding.... one of the best I have experienced. The manner of presentation as well as the quality of the show was par excellence...I am so glad that your organisation decided to have a show here and I was able to attend it. Thank you to the entire team for putting up such a wonderful show. Look forward to more such shows from Ibaadat Foundation in Dubai in the future..Anjana Thapar

The programme was amazing and very well presented. Thank you so much. Amazing singers, timing and coordination Excellent on the whole. Tripti Walia/Pal Walia