Kaviraaj Shailendra, Ludhiana - Some messages received

I enjoyed the show. All my compliments to you for organising the show so beautifully. All my good wishes to you and your team for times to come. Vineet Agarwal

The program took me to past memory lanes. It was very refreshing. A great tribute to Shailendraji. Sudesh Ahlawat, Retd. Principal, Post Graduate College, Amritsar

Amazing. Reminded me of my childhood. Grew up with all these heart touching songs. Keep it up. Harjeet Arora, Managing Director, Master Trust Ltd.

Thoroughly enjoyed every lyric and the presentation. Anil Auluck, Director, C.R.Auluck & Sons Pvt. Ltd.

As always, it was a great evening. Girish Bali, Commissioner, Income Tax

Outstanding. Loved the show very much. Dr. Kusum Bali, Professor, Punjab Institute of Medical Sciences

It was a privilege to attend such a splendid event. All the singers sang such beautiful and nostalgic songs. It was a melodious evening. Dr. Sonia Bangia

Attended your program on Shailendra. It was a pleasure to watch you and all artists. Excellent program, fantastic singing backed by perfect music and sound and above all, the presentation was just excellent and beautiful. All artistes performed professionally. I congratulate you and your team for performing a beautiful program that made our evening. Thanks for invite again. Ramesh Batra

So happy we attended it! So very impressed. Rajiv Burman, Managing Partner, Lighthouse Partners

I attended "Kaviraaj Shailendra" with my husband, Dr. Rajinder Chawla. The program was a thorough entertainer, well researched and very well curated. The narration was very lucid and informative, singers were excellent and overall, the program was very well organised. Seeing Ustad Amjad Ali Khan ji in person was an ethereal experience. We have earlier attended Rooh-e-Majrooh. Thanks for bringing fresh whiff of cultural air to Ludhiana from time to time. I am professor of Biochemistry at PAU, Ludhiana. My husband was professor of Biochemistry at Christian Medical College, Ludhiana and is now running his own consultancy company, Accuscript Medical Writing Service at Ludhiana. We both love music, theatre and all kinds of performing arts. Dr. Neena Chawla, Professor- Biochemistry, Punjab Agricultural University

Thank you so much for the lovely time we spent. Was glad and honoured to be a part of such erudite gathering that furthers such a noble cause. Gauri Chhabra

It was a very good show, well managed, well performed and well organized. This two-and-half hour show illustrated the life of Kaviraaj Shailendra very minutely. All the singers performed amazingly. Rakesh Mittal deserves a big applaud for his efforts to bring this show to Ludhianvis. As he himself said that Ludhiana rather Punjab is more known for agriculture than culture. Now we have to reconsider this concept as because of such events and other activities in the field of culture, adab and singing Urdu poetry, Ludhianvis take more and more interest in cultural programs. I strongly recommend that such shows should continue in the coming times. Inderjit Singh Gahir

The event was gagar mein sagar and the life and lyrics of Shailendra were summed up in those enthralling two and half hours. Everybody listened in rapt attention. Hats off to Ibaadat Foundation and team. Hope to see many more events of Ibaadat in future. Vinish Goel

I had the chance to see you and Ibaadat team present a tribute to the great lyricist Shailendra. Till now, we have seen musical nights at Nehru Sidhant Kender Trust but this event well-scripted, beautifully-presented left a mark on my heart. Vineet Goyal

Always a pleasure. Thanks for such a wonderful program. It was an astounding success. Wish you many more and more in Ludhiana. Bipin Gupta, General Secretary-Trust/Chairman-Cultural Committee, Nehru Sidhant Kender Trust

Prithvi ji. It was very well conducted programme. The choice of songs and their rendition was very appropriate. Overall, the response of the audience was very spontaneous and the auditorium was fully packed. Your imprint on the show was quite visible. Congratulations and all the best for such like programmes in future as well. N.C. Jain, Ex Advisor, Nehru Sidhant Kender Trust

Outstanding show. Amazing singers and narrative. Would like to present our blankets to each member of the team. Ramesh Jagota, Director, Youngman Woollen Mills Pvt. Ltd.

Enjoyed. Avinash K.

It was a mesmerising experience. Such professional yet warm, perfectly planned and worth listening event I have ever attended. Since I am an amateur singer/amateur art enthusiast myself, I loved every bit of information and singing (specially by Supriya Joshi) took my heart away. Palka Kaur

A great show. A unique format. Amjad Ali Khan, Sarod Maestro

Most audience seemed obliged. Karan J. Lamba

Excellent show Prithvi, Naveen and Sangeeta. Kudos to a team which works very well together. Kanika Marwaha

Always a pleasure meeting you all, and thanks for a mesmerizing evening. Rakesh Bharti Mittal, Vice Chairman, Airtel

Both Mridula and I are so happy we could make it to Ludhiana to attend this. It was the third time we saw Ibaadat’s Shailendra. It just keeps getting better and better. Kudos to you and the team. Vivek (and Mridula) Pande

Real admiration for keeping alive the art and culture - viraasat. It' is your priceless gift to the people of Ludhiana - those who value music, art, dance and drama as true heritage. Thank you for keeping me in your connect list. Love and Regards Avinash Rai

कल नेहरू सिद्धांत केंद्र में आपका पूरा प्रोग्राम देखा बल्कि बहुत बारीकी से देखा। स्टेज साज़ सज्जा से लेकर विषय की अविरल प्रस्तुति गायकों का ठहराव के साथ अनप्लग्ड गाना...क्या लिखूं शब्दों में व्यक्त करना मुश्किल हैं। आप सब की अथक मेहनत की ये झलक वर्षों तक स्मृतिपटल से नहीं मिटेगी। थिएटर, स्टेज प्रस्तुति और संगीत के मेरे शौक को आपने नई दिशा दी हैं। प्रोग्राम में मेरा कॉपी पेंसिल लेकर बैठना सार्थक रहा। एंटरटेनमेंट और सिखाने के लिए धन्यवाद...Sanjay Saini

It was an outstanding performance! We are delighted to have seen it live. Chitra (and Partha) Sarkar

The golden era of Hindi film music is undisputedly nestled in the 50s and 60s, and these songs are now vintage. However, these songs have remained alive for a period determined by their merit. They continue to run on their own steam, on their own popularity value. But despite this, somewhere, down the line the creator of that song begins to slip into oblivion. It is at this juncture that Ibaadat has stepped in to bring in a kind of a renaissance with its programs. A reawakening, a rebirth of the poet, the lyricist. I have seen the programs on Majrooh Sultanpuri, Shakeel Badayuni, Neeraj, and Hasrat Jaipuri but closest to my heart is the one on my father, Shailendra. On 5th March in Ludhiana, I attended the Shailendra program for the 4th time and I can say for sure Ibaadat does not rest on its laurels; its research is ongoing. Each program has brought in a new facet of the poet leaving the audience in awe after each and every performance. My sincere and heartfelt thanks to team Ibaadat for their on-going dedication to the life and works of the Poets-Lyricists. Amla Shailendra, Dubai (daughter of Shailendra)

It was a pleasure. We are looking forward to the next event. Sangeeta Sharma, Cultural Committee Member, Nehru Sidhant Kender Trust

Loved being a part of the show. Raashi Sood, Singer

It was great function. We enjoyed every moment of it. Wishing you to organise many more of such kind. Dr. R. Vatsyayan, Sanjivani Ayurvedshala

Thanks a lot for the lovely evening. Always proud of you. Mukesh York

Enjoyed the musical extravaganza! Rashmi

Congratulations for a well organised and successful function yesterday. The response of the audience was spontaneous. I also pray for the success of all your endeavours. Your die-hard fan