Kaviraaj Shailendra, Delhi - Some messages received

I was awestruck by the programme in every way and shared my experience with a lot of my friends and family. Everything was wonderful the way one understood the lyrics and the way you conducted the program. The singers were fabulous. It was simply wonderful. Nisha Ahuja, Partner, Bharat Bhushan & Co.

What an amazing evening. It was in fact the most memorable evening we have attended. Thanks for all your kindness. Dipa Singh Bagai, Advisor, National Health Authority

We really enjoyed the show. Since both of us are fond of old Hindi music, we would regularly like to attend your shows. Indira Banthiya

Well scripted and directed. Effective use of technology too. Keep it up. Rajiv K. Bapna, Managing Director, Amkette

The show was simply superb. Everyone in the team obviously put lot of effort into it. Sandip Kumar Beri, Partner, Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co.

Hearty congratulations on yet another smash hit. We all thoroughly enjoyed the dialogues, the little nuggets about Shailendra, the presence of Shailendra’s family members and of course the entire concept! The icing on the cake...was undoubtedly your cute little grandson singing. God bless him...he has talent and loads of confidence. Best wishes for many more successful shows! Mala and Pravin Bhargava

First of all, thank you very much for inviting us to the show. Needless to say, it was a phenomenal presentation. Every time we attend the Ibaadat shows, we go back with a sense of euphoria, fulfilment, nostalgia and total bliss. It is really very difficult to define this feeling of joy in words. The research, the script and the execution were in perfect harmony and we couldn’t really have asked for more. A big thanks to you, the singers, the music director (and musicians) once again. Pankaj Bhatt, Executive Vice President, Nucleus Software Exports Ltd.

It was an exhilarating experience to watch the Kaviraj Shailendra Show. I had missed the show earlier and so I did not want to repeat my mistake. Sangeeta was in Jaipur for the International Flower Show so I asked my sister Mrs. Nisha Ahuja to come with me. In addition, Mr. Hemant Kakkar, who was the Convener of ANMI also came. Mr. Kakkar had planned to leave after watching the show half an hour to 45 minutes. However, he stayed till the end of the show as he found it so absorbing and interesting. So, 2 new persons have been added to your fan club. In fact, I would request you to send me additional 2 passes for your next show in Delhi, as I would like to bring in my close friend from school to see the show as they are very fond of music. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to be at the Kaviraaj Shailendra show which becomes so meaningful on account of your meticulous research, eye for detail and superb presentation. Vijay Bhushan Partner, Bharat Bhushan & Co.

Absolutely delightful. Everything was perfect in this format never seen. Amar Singh Chauhan, Retd. Chief Engineer-PWD, Govt. of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla

My first time for an Ibaadat show. Mesmerizing. What a concept and its perfect execution. Neerja Chauhan

I will say nothing tonight... too overwhelmed. I'll write to you tomorrow. Last evening was indeed very special. I think this is Ibaadat's best programme ever. All the singers were outstanding, particularly Supriya. I noticed the quality of orchestration was different and striking, even as early as the second song. I was planning to ask you how you did it, so it was great to learn that you'd got all the instruments identified by musicians for each song and had it recreated to sound like a live orchestra. That really made such a tremendous difference! The idea was sheer genius! Though nearly all the songs were sung to perfection, the rendition of 'Ab ke baras' brought tears to my eyes, which has never happened to me in a stage-based film music programme. I think you were also wiping your eyes onstage during that performance. Finally, your grandson Parth sang 'Nani teri morni' so beautifully in his lovely, sweet voice. May God bless him, you and Ibaadat, always! Thank you for this absolutely unforgettable evening! Lalit Dar, Professor-Microbiology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences

Excellent programme. M.K.Doogar, Managing Director, Doogar & Associates Ltd.

Compliments to you for remembering legendary, immortal kavi, Kaviraaj Shailendra in such a beautiful musical presentation. Your compilation and presentation were simply superb. I would like to add few lines for future. Rajeev Garg

As in the past, it was a privilege and honour to witness you and your team showcasing of yet another legend…Shailendra. Please accept my congrats and compliments for an excellent and spellbound show. Maj.Gen. Shorty Ghura

Everything was perfect right from show starting on time. A most memorable evening! We enjoyed the evening especially your grandson’s song. Parth is so cute. Rakesh Govil, Former Director, HSBC

As always, the evening was excellent. Really enjoyed. Supriya gets better each time. All of them are so good that I never tire of them. Akhil (and Archana) Gupta, Vice Chairman, Bharti Enterprises

Your show was very good just like every other time. However, the presence of Amlaji and Dineshji made the narration more authentic. The icing on the cake was the performance by dear Parth Haldea Yadav. A new introduction of dance performance had added new charm to the stage show. Wg. Cdr. K.P.Gupta

I had a wonderful time. I absolutely love the format you've created. The back stories, the emotion with which everyone participates....including the family of Kaviraaj....it just transports me to another world! I love it!! Thank you for doing this. Thank you...from the bottom of my heart! Navin Gurnaney, CEO, Starbucks

The Kaviraaj Shailendra evening was a lovely experience. We got to know many incidents of his life which were not known to us. The highlight of the evening was the beautiful song sung by your grandson. Looking forward to many more such entertaining shows. Shree Haldia

Absolutely amazing. Mesmerizing. Rahul Jha, Retd. Director, Indian Railways

Attended my first Ibaadat evening...wonderful experience. Sangeeta Joshi

It was an excellent show. I am a great fan of music but have never seen such a show in my life. Thank You for doing an excellent work for the music lovers. Hemant Kakkar, Chairman, Association of National Exchanges of India-Northern Region

Our experience is always top-class because the content is top-class. Hats off to the effort you people put in every time. Sanjay Kaul, Director, FE Securities Pvt.Ltd.

Being a part of 'Ibaadat' is an honor in itself. While pursuing your passion, you make so many people live their dreams. I was an audience too (Sahir, Jaipur) and was hungover for almost 2-3 days. That's the impact of 'Ibaadat'. Every moment spent with you all is a beautiful memory for me. Thanks for believing in me Prithvi Haldea ji, Naveen Anand ji for all the support. Sangeeta Bedi ji, if I could perform half as good as you, it'll be an achievement for me. Lots to learn from you Thank you all for making me feel at home. God has been really kind to me, giving me a family like you gratitude. Nandita Kodesia, Former News Anchor, Zee News

Great show. Show started on time; Stylish, original tracks, great singers, Supriya was well appreciated, great use of contemporary comments including Prasoon Joshi. Parth was a hit and the background film display and other props were too good. Arvind Kumar, Sr. Vice President-Corporate Affairs, Edelweiss

A big thank you to each and every one of you for making this show such a huge success. Will be taking back some very fond memories. Amla Shailendra Mazumdar, Dubai (daughter of Shailendra)

Yet another stellar performance. Didn’t realize how 150 minutes passed. Sanjeev Mehta

Thanks for a wonderful show. Smita Mehta, Gunjan Foundation

A big Thank You for the invite and for organizing such a grand evening. Did not realize the vast repertoire of the Poet Shailendra! The time went by magically. Deepak Mohla, Managing Director, Inspire One

A pleasant and enjoyable evening of music. Laudable initiative of yours to recognize the contributions of lyricists. Dr. Narottam Puri

Came all the way from Chennai for this show. And am very happy I came. Nidhi Reddy, Chennai

Thank you so much for making me a part of this beautiful venture and for giving me countless fond memories Absolute pleasure meeting Amla Ji and Dinesh ji. Sharing the stage with wonderful singers like Anand ji, Sarvesh ji, Supriya ji and the very graceful Swati ji was indeed a wonderful experience. Aditi Roy, Singer

It was an excellent programme. I cannot think of anything more that can improve it further. What I appreciated most was your conscious effort to promote India's cultural pluralism. Best wishes to you and your team. Bhaskar Roy, Chief Executive Officer, Palimpsest Publishing House (Former Assistant Editor on The Times of India)

My sincere thanks to you for letting us witness a musical drama of epic proportions. The show truly celebrated the life and lyrics of Kaviraaj as your narratives went on unfolding various gamut of his life and career with numerous anecdotes which kept audience engrossed. Your eye for details were visible and selection of songs and poems were very impressive. All singers have done justice to the demand of the script. Here I would like to specially mention about little Parth who has really sung well for his age and impressed all. Icing on the cake was hearing from Shailendraji’s children in person. Amateurs do deliver their love and passion of the subject on stage without compromising for box office. The event showcased it all and also your respect for the subject dealt. Production value wise the show was on par with any professional stage show and for this I really congratulate you and your core team for their tremendous hard work. Hats off to You for tireless efforts from conceptualizing to performing this great show. Sincerely looking forward to many more shows from Ibaadat foundation. Amitava Roy, Retd. Executive Director, NTPC Ltd.

Saw Sahir in Jaipur in January and now Shailendra in Delhi in February. Double treat! Am speechless, Ravindra Saha, Director, G.M.Industrial Corporation, Agra

It was a pleasure to attend the show. As usual, it was of highest quality in terms of format, research and execution. Roop Salotra

The programme was excellent. It is difficult to do justice to Kaviraaj in 150 minutes, because the material on Shailendra is very huge. Hence to condense it in 150 minutes is a huge task. Personally, I would have loved more full songs, instead of 16 only. One feels let down with short music clips, but I am sure time is a constraint. I liked the way Guide’s songs were sung, in different versions, guide-centric…listening to Guide songs was exhilarating. On the whole, thoroughly enjoyable programme. Suresh Shetty, Managing Director, Emerging Securities Pvt. Ltd.

Your show was superb and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I don’t think we are ever going to miss your programs unless of course we are not in town. Continue doing the good job all our best wishes are with you. Your grandson was too cute. Geetika Singh

I would like to congratulate you for staging a very successful performance on the stage. It was very informative and engrossing program. We were lucky to meet Shailendra’s son and daughter on the stage. Jasbir Singh

Incredible! Outstanding! Mesmerizing! Poonam Singh

Show went off very well. People are appreciating it. Sushma Singhvi, Chairperson, Gunjan Foundation

काम नए गीत बनाना, गीत बना के जहाँ को सुनाना, कोई ना मिले तो अकेले में गाना- एक पंक्ति में ज़िंदगी के फ़लसफ़े को ब्याँ करनेवाले बेहतरीन गीतकार शैलेंद्र को ‘इबादत’ ने एक बार फिर रु ब रू करा दिया। Vimmi Sood

God is with you…what amazing shows you put up one after the other. Shailendra show was very high on emotions. And Parth was the jewel in the crown. Bhavna Talwar, Ernst & Young

What amazing moments spent all-through. Grateful to all for these beautiful times we work and spend together. Swati Wangnoo Tiwari, Kathak Exponent

As usual, the show was brilliantly conducted and performed. Three cheers to you and your team. Regards. Ravi Varma, Partner, Link Legal India Law Service

We enjoyed the programme on Shailendra once again. We listened to the programme for the second time, but believe me our joy was even bigger than the first one. I tried to analyze why so, and found the reasons. Ibaadat’s programmes are very unique. You listen to so many music evenings rendered by eminent singers and also so many radio reel programmes. But you are very different. With your research and style of presentation, you invent the poet and fasten his lyrics with his life journey, his thoughts and views on various area of life and activities. It’s a different experience altogether, very unique and very enjoyable. And this does not come without hard work, perseverance and above all, love and dedication to bring in limelight the souls who worked all their life behind the curtains Our heartiest congratulations to you and your team and the top-class singers (many of them being non-professionals) who gave us a beautiful evening. Mahendra Nath Verma, Sr. Advisor, KPMG India Pvt. Ltd.

It was a great show. Rashmi Verma

A fabulously conducted show! Seamless and perfectly planned and executed as with all the previous shows that we have been seeing and enjoying over the years. Special compliments to the organizing team for this. We will shortly be making our next contribution to Ibaadat Foundation. Inder Walia