Shahenshah-e-Ruumaaniyat: Hasrat Jaipuri, Jaipur - Some messages received

A very enjoyable experience! Hats off to the tremendous effort that must have gone into the making of this program! Dr. Avinash Agarwal

A marvelous show! Thank you. I hope many more are going to be staged in Jaipur. Salahuddin Ahmad, Retd. Chief Secretary, Government of Rajasthan

What an excellent rock. Always knew you as a financial expert. I think you are a better dramatist! Rajeev Akar, Raja Arts

Thank you for wonderful evening, Rajiv Arora, Co-Founder, Amrapali Jewels

I am keen lover of poetry and music and do some writing myself. Your last year's offering on Majrooh was superb and this programme on Hasrat was equally good. Hats off to you and your team for doing all the research and bringing all the pieces together in such a sequence making it a memorable lifetime experience. Please convey my sincere most appreciation to the whole team. Of course my gratitude and thanks to you cannot be expressed in terms of words. I shall be always obliged and keen to partner with you in your endeavors to the best of my capabilities. The addition of visuals as also dancing performance in current show was a marked improvement. Sunil Atolia

This year’s musical evening was highly interesting as it kept us glued towards the lyrics, music and musical story narrated about the life of a poet "Hasrat Jaipuri" of great caliber. The complete show was so well-dramatised and elegantly presented in just two and a half hours, its beyond imagination but true as witnessed by self. The dance forms were an excellent surprise, so was their performance, especially for नैन सो नैन नाही मिलाओ. Overall, we enjoyed very much. Lekin kambakht dil hai ki aur aur chahata hai. Thanks and kind regards. Rajendra Kumar Babbar

Thanks and congrats for such a nice show. It was an excellent presentation. First time in my life I really enjoyed punctuality 6:30 means sharp 6:30 and 9:00 means 9.00. The show was remarkable, heart-warming and very touching. Gaurav Bajad 

It was really a pleasure to attend such flawless function and this year you have added beautiful dancers who were well-trained and definitely created a beautiful impact. The show was well rehearsed and flawless and I can understand the efforts and pain which has gone behind it. Shrikant Baldua

At the very outset while thanking you, I must say that this offering of Shahenshah-e-Ruumaaniyat: Hasrat Jaipuri in Jaipur turned out to be far superior than the one you had last year. This time everyone in the crowd was deeply involved and enjoyed every bit thoroughly. This was the reaction of most everyone with whom one interacted. The homework also was far better. All in all…great. Anand Bhaiya

It was truly a quality offering from the house of Ibaadat! Ditto last year!! Ramesh Bhandari

The event was thoroughly enjoyed by our clients. In fact, I got messages from 3-4 clients post the event who were extremely happy/thankful on being invited to attend the same. Also, would like to thank you for calling out RBL Bank’s name and letting the audience know about us. This is very important for us to create visibility in tier 2 and tier 3 cities where we are expanding our presence. Sumeet Bhandari, Sr. Vice President, RBL Bank Ltd.

What a spectacular show! Mind-blowing is all I have to say. Your touch of meticulous planning and research was evident. Sanjay Bhansali

So beautiful... you made everyone sing and dance like best friends...what a musical evening! Cherished.... lovely concept. Dr. Jyotsna Bhargava

I have seen your two programmes in 2017 and 2018 in Jaipur. Both were organised in a very decent and systematic way, The way you give the invitation and take confirmations is also appreciable. Your programmes are different, interesting and for a different class of the people. In fact, this time we were in a group of 15 people, all have enjoyed a lot. Virendra Bhargava

Thrilled to hear those golden songs of great Hasrat saheb. Your team is fantastic specially the pains you have taken to select musicians is commendable. Hats off to all the singers and Ibaadat foundation. Dr.Nagesh Binjoo 

Thanks for such a beautiful program. Really enjoyed a lot. Eagerly waiting for such programs in future. Akshay (and Pooja) Bomb 

Thanks for providing me an opportunity to witness such a memorable show. Everything was excellent. starting from invitation, research, script, stage sets, anchoring, selection of songs, singers…everything was excellent. It was a wonderful, unforgettable evening. Every delicious dish was served in a silver platter whose taste will remain in mind for a long period. Dr. Hari Om Bomb, Sr. Doctor, Soni Hospital 

An outstanding show. Enjoyed every song. Nav Ratan Bomb

It was a marvellous evening. A wonderful programme. Varun Bomb

I only have praise for Ibaadat! What a sweet travel down memory lane to hear the Shahenshah's lyrics evoking Ruumaaniyat. The programme as always was flawlessly choreographed and so interesting. Not only our favourite songs but other less known poems and snippets about Hasrat Janab's life made the evening one to be long remembered. From my vantage point, I could see the audience totally enthralled and submersed in the experience. Accolades to all the artistes on and behind stage to pull together such a delightful programme. I look forward to next year eagerly. My only suggestion is why can't we have at least 2 programmes in a year - a Spring and an Autumn show! Anju Chandna

Excellent performance by all the artistes made this event very memorable. I look forward to such events in future. The presentation was top-notch, and gave us an insight as to the struggles and achievements of the great writers. After witnessing and enjoying this performance, my thirst for such events has increased many folds. Keep up the good work. Arun Daga

It was a tremendous performance you were able to organise at Jaipur under the banner of Ibaadat. It was so impressive that I wonder how it has reached this level. You were a hidden gem Prithvi. I will like to send a donation of Rs 10,000 to the foundation. Dr. P.C.Dandiya, Distinguished Emeritus Professor & Advisor, SMS Medical College 

It was an exceptionally sensational programme full of energy and melody. Singers were too good. Your Jodi with Sangeeta was fantastic. We came along with our friends as well, they were too astounded with the programme. Thanks for the invitation. Om S. Dhamani

I was extremely happy. You are doing incredible work. I haven’t ever attended houseful shows in Jaipur but yesterday was an exception. Aastha Dhandiya

It was a great pleasure once again attending your show. Enjoyed each moment. Thanks for entertaining our souls to the core. It would be entertaining to see 'making of the Hasrat Jaipuri show'. It will make people understand the labour you all put in and the fun and joy you all derive out of so much hard work. Malini Dhir

Thanks for extending us the invitation of the amazing event which we thoroughly enjoyed. It was a great event and the execution was top notch. Other than finding a parking I didn’t face any trouble, which was expected due to the huge turnout. Vishnu D. Dutta, Head-Technology, Finova Capital Pvt.Ltd.

Thanks a lot for a most memorable and amazing experience. It was magical. I would like to donate. Neel Garg

Many thanks for your inviting us to your Ibaadat Foundation programme. It was a great programme amongst the distinguished audience of Jaipur. Well organised. Started on Time. No speeches. No frills fillers. Ended on time. The presentation was outstanding, in a very informal manner, that the audience also felt part of the programme. The life history of legendary poet was depicted in a very melodious way. Song selection was very good, and the singing was superb. This was a very different kind of great experience. Usha (and Yogendra) Goyal, Jaipur Auction House

First of all let me thank you for associating us with Ibaadat Foundation. I would like to congratulate you and the entire team for organizing such a wonderful evening. It is indeed a very unique way to keep the legendary persons alive those who have enriched and contributed to the development of the literature and music. Once again, I would like to thank you for your efforts and dedication and would love to be a part of your efforts. Anju Gupta

It was truly amazing, fantastic, and heart-warming experience. Kudos for your hard work. Prashant Gupta, Gemworth India

No doubt it is a big effort to synchronise such a big journey of Hasrat Saab. It was very very nice. Rajendra Kumar Gupta, Ex Business Branch Head (ICICI Bank Ltd. Jaipur) 

It was a mesmerizing show. Thoroughly enjoyable and educative too! 
I would also like to compliment you once again for the very thorough and meticulous manner in which you do the entire inviting bit - from beginning to the final delivery of the cards and the subsequent record-keeping. Truly brilliant. The musical tracks too are brilliant. Haider ji ,I think his name is, and of course, Naveen ji deserve full praise. Rajiv Gupta

What a program! Friends and people are still reeling under the effect of that...Super, super, super. Sangeeta Gupta (daughter of Madan Mohan) 

We enjoyed the show very much. It was a lifetime achievement for us. May we please thank you? Sudhir Gupta, Agra

The program was excellent and very well coordinated. We all enjoyed. Singers were amazing, and you and Sangeeta were outstanding. Govind Sharan Haldia

What an excellent program it was! I am short of words for appreciation. The artistes and singers were all excellent. I could never imagine a music program in such a beautiful manner that it was presented. I would like to be present in future programs whenever an opportunity comes. Thanks. Ashok Jain, Chief Secretary, Govt. of Rajasthan

Congratulations on paying such rich tributes to the memory of Hasrat Jaipuri. Not only you and your team portrayed his artistic journey beautifully, the conceptualisation, presentation and enactment can only be described as mesmerizing. Even a hard core naysayer may find it difficult to find a single fault. Wonderful and keep it going. Many thanks for making an evening memorable. Anil Jhala

It was our pleasure to be part of your marvelous programme. It is quite a unique programme which I ever attended. Nice presentation by anchors. Good selection of songs. Good selection of singers. Well managed programme. Timely commenced and concluded. Unique method of creating tracks Not able to pint out even one shortcomimg. CA Kamesh Joshi, R. Seth & Co.

Heartfelt thanks for conducting an event again in Jaipur. The entire event was truly enjoyable and captivating. It was a memorable evening. A beautiful attempt of blending music, fabulous vocals and memoirs. The songs brought back many memories for us. Tarun Kacholia, Country Head, Mentor India Ltd.

Ye dil maange more. It was wonderful. All my friends have conveyed their gratitude to you. Looking forward to some more spellbinding evenings. Hats off to your efforts and labour. And what a great team you made with Sangeeta. Amiya Kala

I witnessed your programme on Hasrat Sahib and got simply mesmerized thoroughly. It was in a different format and was not out of run of the mill kind. This was well conceived and executed. In the entire programme, the crowd was completely engaged as it was spellbinding indeed. Hats off to you and your dedication. CA Anil Khandelwal, Articulate Management Consultants Pvt.Ltd.

Thoroughly enjoyed. Very well researched, professionlly-executed. Too good singers. Never come across such a good programme in life. You should get into film-making Prithviji. D.P.Khandelwal

Glad to attend the excellent musical programme. Well organised, properly coordinated and with good presentation. We were lost in the melodious memories of old and lovely songs of Hasrat Jaipuri. The Ibaadat team and specially you deserve a lot of appreciation. Your sincere effort made it possible. I knew you as a very good singer, why no songs by you. Your stage performance of course was outstanding. Kamlesh Khandelwal

Before attending your programme, I just thought that some songs written by Hasrat Jaipuri will be sung by your artists. But the way you and your team presented the whole show was superb. Came to know many unknown details of Hasrat’s. I enjoyed. Om Khandelwal, Om Trading House

he programme was super, super, super. We enjoyed very much. Santosh Khandelwal

It was a wonderful evening with Shahenshah-e-Ruumaaniyat. Well organised programme with beautiful songs and lot of knowledge about Hasrat Jaipuri. All the artists did their roles excellently. Congratulations to one and all. Director’s role was excellent. Dr. Rajendra Kumar Khanna, Ex- Prof. & Dean, Vivekananda Global University, Jaipur.

Thanks for giving such a mesmerising, heart-warming, perfectly-executed evening! What a tribute to the Shahenshah of Romance, Hasrat Jaipuri!! Your passion and dedication is unrivalled! It brings so much depth and meaning to our lives!!! I am sure Hasrat Jaipuriji's soul must have found so much solace this evening and must have showered his blessings on each one you!!! I am so indebted to you!!! Prabha Kishore

It was indeed a marvelous show. It was extremely well conceptualised and equally well presented. All the artists sang reviving memories not only of Hasrat Jaipuri but also of Mukesh, Rafi, Hemant Kumar and Lata. The song and dance on Nain so Nain Naahi Milao were simply outstanding. My best compliments to you for the memorable evening. I wish you keep on organising such events in Jaipur. Arun Kumar, Retd. Chief Secretary, Govt. of Rajashtan

The programme was fantastic. The two most important things that impressed us was the punctuality rarely seen these days, and the absence of long drawn speeches by netas and other VIPs. The programme itself was very well organised with emphasis on good presentation, production, singing and accuracy of the content. We really enjoyed it. Dr.S.C.Mathur

Your Foundation is doing an excellent work...I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sending me invitation. Urvashi Singh Meena

The Shahenshah-e-ruumaaniyat evening transported me back to my romancing days of yore (I am 69 now), an era when lyricists like Majrooh Sultanpuri, Sahir Ludhiyanvi and Hasrat Jaipuri wrote from the heart, soulful and meaningful songs. Thanks to Ibaadat after ages I lived through those moments once again. I have attended the show last year too in Jaipur. The whole show has been designed to make the audience feel a part of the mehfil. I congratulate the organisers for their commendable efforts. Kudos to you for leading from the front. All the singers have their special qualities Sarvesh, Anand, Supriya, Deepali and Naveen himself and the selection of songs for their respective voices is so well done. Eons back I, myself have been on the stage singing in college days on Ravindra Manch but now feel rusted. Voice needs to stay in training like any other skills. Your show is very inspiring. I find myself humming the evergreen everlasting melodies to myself once again. Look forward to more such mehfils. Shalini Mehra 

Thank you so much. Enjoyed every second of the program. Neelam Mehrotra, Agra

You kept us in rapt attention for two and half hours! Very well-conceived, the program interspersed with drawing type conversation, live singing and dancing, and recorded songs was a treat. I enjoyed humming along with the melodious singers each one kind of representing the top singers of that time. Would have loved to hear some songs in full. Ranju Mehta, Vice Principal, Kanoria College

Let me at the very outset express my deep appreciation of the fabulous event that we witnessed. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would allot 9 points. That was how gloriously this programme went. I have developed a lot of respect for your abilities in producing such fine cultural activities. I have deducted one point as we did not get to hear many songs in full but only the mukhdas. This whetted the appetite but did not give fullest satisfaction. I do realise that you were limited by time constraints. My kudos for starting bang on time and finishing bang on time. Jaipur is notorious for late starting of all programmes. Time keeping and punctuality is not synonymous with Jaipurites. All your singers are to be commended, they all have melodious voices and are in complete rhythm. Shirish Mody 

Absolutely mesmerising. Time stood still, only to know that two and half hours have passed in a minute. Sangeetaji paired very well with you, compared to her pairing last time. Sushil Muhnot, Retd. Chairman, Bank of Maharashtra 

First of all, thank you so much for adding us in your invitees list...for permanent I hope! The programme was just wonderful...the concept...the singers! Perhaps you could have added some more of the lively numbers. Overall, of course, it was a great evening! Purnima Mundel

I love Hasrat Jaipuri's songs. Your program is always a treat to us Jaipuris. Applaud your efforts for putting it together and bringing the show to us here. Vandana Singh Nadgar

First of all I would like to thank you for organizing such a wonderful show in Jaipur. I and my family members enjoyed the show right from the beginning and I look forward to witness such memorable shows in times to come. Suresh Kumar Poddar 
Chairman & Managing Director, Mayur Uniquoters Ltd.

I am presently serving the Indian Army. It was an honor and privilege to receive the invitation for the program on Hasrat Jaipuri at Jaipur. I along with my wife attended the same and were extremely impressed with the professional conduct of the event. We were taken back to our childhood days when we used to listen to these melodious songs on Radio - Binaca Geet Mala. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to relive our childhood again. Please convey our compliments to all the singers. I could see the audience tapping their fingers, singing along and reliving their youth through these songs. This could be achieved just because of the professionalism. My compliments for your excellent research and the hard work put in to present the life and work of Hasrat Jaipuri in such a mesmerizing way. I am sure that you will keep on the good work of bringing the poetry to life with ease. Col. Ashish Pradhan

Program was wonderful. Madhukar Purohit

Thanks for inviting me to be part of this unique program. It was a well organised, beautifully scripted and well performed program. Dr.Ravindra Nath Purohit

Thank you so much for the lovely program. We all enjoyed. It was really spell-bounding. The selection of singers, resembling the singers of the past, was exact. Hari Singh Rajawat 

Please accept my complements for a well-conceived and perfect performance. Many in the audience were humming with singers on stage. You may consider using active involvement of the audience in your future programmes. Prajesh Rawat, Rawatsons,Kolkata

Great show! Aditya Sanghi, Managing Director, Rising Suntech

Just one word "awesome". It appears I forgot what all I saw earlier in Delhi, Rajan Kumar Sanghi, Shri Krsna Motors

Thank you so much for the programme featuring Hasrat Jaipuri Sahab, which was very well presented by you. The gentry was nice, thanks to your efforts in making sure that genuine music lovers attended. All singers enthralled the audience with their talent, and so did your commentary! Sangeeta Gupta from Jaipur (Madan Mohan ji's daughter) told me about you and also recommended me to you. I'm grateful to her for introducing me to Ibaadat Foundation. The good part was that you made Sangeeta Gupta sing! Such a treat! Amooth and efficiently managed show. Anil Sethi 

Superb. Thoroughly enjoyed. The uninterrupted performance shows the hard work done on the script and by the performers. Genuinely delighted to be part of Ibaadat. Warm regards, Deepak Sharma

ढाई घण्टों का रूहानी सफर जिसे आपने खूबसूरत अल्फ़ाज़ों में पिरोया, मधुर खनकती मरमरी आवाज़ों ने जहाँ जादुई अहसास कराया। इस खूबसूरत यात्रा पर ले चलने के लिए शुक्रिया. यह एक ऐसा आनंद था, जिसे शब्दों में पिरोना अत्यंत मुश्किल है. इबादत आप सभी का… इतनी शिद्दत से संगीत के फनकारों को हम सबसे मिलवाने का. उम्मीद है आगे भी हम इस आलोकिक यात्रा में आप के हमराही होंगे. Wonderful amazing..........fida ho gayi. Just amazing. It was an experience which has created memories which I will always relish. You not only excelled in research and script but also in the manner you and Sangeetajee wove this programme together. Geeta Sharma

Very nice presentation All informal…was a great beauty of the event We understand the background labour to the event. Neeraj Sharma, Tintin Film Adventures 

It was a great program, well organized, good sound system etc., Sudeep Sharma

Hasrat Jaipuri function was fabulous. I could see the hard work behind the show, like the dancers, the background music, the choice of songs and the shayari is all first class. Ganga Singh, Director, Reads

Really enjoyed the program. What I liked most was that the program started and ended on time, a rare commodity in India. The conceptualization of the program was great. Singers were par excellence. Your compering was great. Sanjiv Singh, IRS, Govt. of India

First of all thank you very much for inviting us over for the event. We were there surely on time and enjoyed the whole event. We compliment you and your team for such a magnificent and soul inspiring show. We were enlightened to know first-hand information of our legend Hasrat Jaipuri ji. The event was showcased to its perfection. The script well researched...the songs and dialogues were perfect to the situation. The vocals and music were awesome. The dance took us back into time. We surely went back into time and came out of the auditorium nostalgic and humming away. Brig. Jagwinder Soin

Heartiest congratulations on an exceptionally well crafted and superlative performance. Please convey our congratulations to all members of the Ibaadat Foundation. It is not easy to keep a large discerning audience glued to their seats humming songs of an era long past. Well done. Brig. Privender Singh Soin (Retd)

It was a wonderful program. I enjoyed it. I'm happy you're realising your age-old passion for music, ghazal and shayari. The show was outstanding, unique, very creative, very good script and format, original. I admire your passion, jazba, spirit and creativity. It was superb. You are right...yeh koi pagal hi kar sakta hai. You need that crazy element for perfectionism to do it. One has to get totally absorbed. You always had this passion and attitude since you early days. You deserve all the applause. The songs were so lovely, and sung so well. Amazing work done with music track. Normally, people get so involved in their work that they are not ready to give up their work at the right time. They keep working for money and habit all their life. Nice to know you are realising your dreams and passion. Good to see you dedicated to your work in second innings. Prof. Anita Srivastava, University of Rajasthan

First of all thanks for giving opportunity to become part of the program. The program was excellent and we enjoyed it throughout. Dalip Tarag