Rooh-e-Majrooh, Jaipur - Some messages received

Congratulations for organising such a melodious and memorable program We would like to witness many more such programs in future for other music legends. Ashok Agarwal 
Lovely, you all are very passionate about your work. Rajiv Arora, Founder, Amrapali Jewels
My heartfelt compliments to you and your team for a life-time performance. Needless to say, it was one of the most memorable evenings of my life. Thanks a ton for the same. I will look forward to meeting you personally sometime and share my feelings since it is not possible to express the same in mere words. I will look forward to your invites in future also if any such event is being planned in or around Jaipur. I would not even mind travelling to other cities across the country if the same can be matched with my working schedule. I would request you to update me on your upcoming events in future. Needless to mention that the cause and the efforts being put in by your organization and team are commendable and it would be a pleasure for me to be associated with this in any form in future. My best wishes for more and more success stories for you and your team. Regards Sunil Atolia
First of all, let me congratulate you for a very fine programme. It was an interesting style of presentation. Of the six singers, two of them were really outstanding. We would wish you great success for all your future programmes. Anand Bhaiya
An unparalleled, flawless performance without glitches. I have been to a lot of shows but am unable to recollect any one even coming close to this one. As in the past this again was a learning experience for me. Yes…I have imbibed a lot from Mr. Haldea in my formative years at work. Thank you for extending the invite. Sanjay Bhansali
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to be a part of such a great and beautiful event. We enjoyed a lot and above all the experience was really unforgettable. We are looking forward for more such events in future. Akshay & Pooja Bomb
As always, your shows have always inspired me to motivate Akul to take up music as career as there is no greater joy in world than music and good literature. Hope he becomes a good tabla player with your blessings. The party next day was also so entertaining and fun filled that we laughed our guts out. Privileged to have an elder brother like you who has excelled in whatever you have done and because of you, we also get a chance to be a part of such a distinguished and learned people. We shall definitely attend your next show wherever it is held. Warm regards, Amit Bomb, Director, Rejoice Tours
First of all, I must thank you for remembering me and inviting me for the wonderful evening. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a very well presented cultural evening and reminiscing old songs from the Golden era was a great experience. Although at this age, late night outings are a slightly bit hectic but the effort was well worth it. From the brochure I find that that you also celebrated evenings of some Hindi Poets. That is really commendable. By the way, I am 90 plus but still active socially. S. S. Chadha
Thank you for making it possible for me to attend. It was a magical evening! Anju Chandna
It was a pleasure to be there at Maharana Pratap Auditorium and attend Rooh e Majrooh. Don't have words to express my feelings. It was a very well organised and presented programme. Presentation was top class and singing was extremely good. Selection of songs was also good. Majrooh Saheb must have written thousands of songs/ghazals; most popular songs were selected and presented by the artists. We are lucky to be there and listened most beautiful voices singing very melodious songs. These songs took us back 50/60 years when we in our teens. Accept our heartiest congratulations and best wishes for this organisation. Keep moving forward. Indu & Vinod Chopra 
Yaron ki itni hasin mehfil ka luttff lajawab raha Aaj ki Shaam...Davaat ke liye shukriya. I am hugely impressed with the hyper excitement I found myself in, ever since Ibaadat was introduced by Gadia ji to me. I am delighted you having achieved so much in 6 years and making thousands follow your passion already. Sushil Chaodhary, Director, Nice & Natural Group
We are very much delighted to have been able to watch your show. The show kept us spell-bound and also gave very invaluable information. the show is so good, words fail to describe it. We are also very thankful to you to arrange for passes. We are eagerly awaiting your next venture in Jaipur, please do not delay!! Arun Daga
It was an amazing show and I wonder how you could collect such high-level artists from all over the country for this event. I was wonder struck by the performers and I hope to witness more of them in the coming few months. Sunil and Daulat both has encouraged me to go to the event and I am thankful to them for this purpose. Dr. P.C. Dandiya, Distinguished Emeritus Professor & Advisor, SMS Medical College 
Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to witnesses Rooh-e-Majrooh. It was an awesome show. Enjoyed every bit of it. Malini Dhir
It was a wonderful evening…magical…pure nostalgia…all the singers did a great job...and the lovely anecdotes were so interesting. Neel Garg
First of all, thank you for associating us with Ibaadat Foundation. I would like to congratulate you and the entire team for organising such a wonderful evening. It is indeed a very unique way to keep those legendary persons alive those who have enriched and contributed to the development of the literature and music. Once again, I would like to thank you for your efforts and dedication and would love to be a part of one such effort. Anju Gupta
We really enjoyed it. The concept the presentation the songs and the narration were all very well done. Congratulations to your team. Please keep us in the loop for future such programs Regards Anshuman Gupta
With pride, I want to say 'amazing". Naveen Gupta, LIC of India
Congrats and congrats. You and your entire team, take a bow. Rajiv Gupta 
You make us a feel of proud for conducting such a compact, synchronized and well-coordinated event in Jaipur Thanks so much for inviting us. Hope we will be a regular visitor for such life time programmes. We are overwhelmed. Rajendra & Dr. Sangeeta Gupta
It was an awesome event, never attended ever before. The quality of arrangements, artists and set up was highly appreciable. We enjoyed. Meena & Rajendra Gupta
Thank you for the invitation to the finest show I have witnessed. I would feel very privileged if I may be invited for similar shows anywhere in the country. You are doing a great job of keeping alive the behind the scene heroes of yesteryears. Kudos to you and your team! Please congratulate Naveen Anand for his soulful singing! Regards. Rashmi Gupta 
Thanks for giving us a chance to attend this awesome show. Really it was a superb show. This show was 100% perfect…singers, anchors, song selection, venue, arrangements. We eagerly waiting one more show in Jaipur in near future. Sandeep Gupta, Emerald Factory
Most, most is mesmerized. No words are enough...I hope I am understood. Each and every one was all praise for the whole concept and the handling, precision, and no natak approach of the evening. Just superlative. Sangeeta (Madan Mohan) Gupta 
It was a life time experience for me. I had heard a lot about the show from Mr. Santosh Khandelwal ji and found it to be much better. I really enjoyed the show and look forward to attend many more in the future. Dr. Shireesh Gupta, Asst. Professor, Mahatma Gandhi Medical College
Thank you for the lovely evening. Thoroughly enjoyed. It also brought back many memories of my stay in Aligarh some forty years back. Grateful! Veenu Gupta
Great show. Dr Sapna was outstanding with her amazing original voice. Dr. Daulat Haldea
What a wonderful show. It was par excellent. All my friends were also full of praise for the same. I would like a small donation. Consider it my blessings for the wonderful work you are doing. Rukmani Haldea, IAS, Retd. Secretary, Govt. of Rajasthan
The programme organised by you and your team was excellent and very well conducted. We all enjoyed the show very well. Look forward to another programme in the near future in Jaipur. Govind Haldia
It was a great experience to attend and be a part of such a wonderful programme. We wish you would continue such type of events in future and wish you and your team all the best for future. Kamesh Joshi, R.Seth & Co.
Thanks from my family and friends would be too small a word for you and the entire Ibaadat group. Rather it would be dwarfing the effort, vision and the talent of all. But getting exposed to such immensely talented world left us just speechless I beg you and request you to keep us in your mailing list, in your heart and wherever but please let us know and make a part of this extremely gifted world. Amiya Kala 
Unforgettable and most memorable evening, enjoyed every second and never realized when 2.30 hours passed. Shobhit Kala
Had great time at Ibaadat celebrations at Jaipur,..absolute delight and fun. All friends and family who attended said have never seen anything like this, but that is what Ameen Sayani of Bianca Geetmala fame also said! Three Cheers! Sunil Kala
Thoroughly enjoyed the Majrooh Sultanpuri programme. Kudos to the organisers, singers, anchors who presented the unique extravaganza in a most professional manner. Compliments and congratulations. A.S. Kapoor
My parents thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the musical treat. It was a pleasant trip through the memory lane for them ... they convey their thanks, much appreciation for a superbly organised event. Looking forward for more events like these. Thanks once again Manish Kasliwal
The show was excellent in all respects…concept, presentation and execution. Congratulations to you and your team. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Payonidhi Kasliwal, Managing Director, Kamal Autofinance Ltd.
Annu and I need to thank you for the invite. We really enjoyed the event. The conceptualisation and presentation was of the highest order. The passion of the organisers is commendable. We also greatly appreciate the adherence to the indicated time lines. Look forward to more such events. Hemant Kaul
Sabhi ko programme bahut bahut achcha laga. Sabhi be tah-e-dil se shukriya ada kiya. All enjoyed very much. Sudha Khandelwal
We attended the program along with 32 other friends from Ashiana. The program was also attended by my other friends outside Ashiana. All of them have appreciated the program very much. They have never seen such a nice program ever in their life. Some of them have had opportunity to attend other Musical programs in Jaipur and other places, but this program stands above all other such programs. They would love to attend more such programs as and when you conduct the same in Jaipur. Some of them have demanded CD of the program if you have made any. The program has following uniqueness which has been expressed by my friends and I am summarizing the same below.
1. Format of the program is unique where insight into the life of poet is given which hitherto remains unknown to public at large.
2. The presentation is very sober and there is no Anchor who normally goes away from the subject.
3. The singers were fantastic and would like to compliment the team for having selected such a nice team.
4. The background music was very appropriate without being unnecessarily loud.
5. The technical team has done their job perfectly.
6. Most importantly, the time schedule was maintained precisely.
7. We can understand the planning which must have gone behind the execution to the level of perfectness.
Thanks again for giving all of us a treat of a Grand Program and an enjoyable evening. On behalf of all my friends. Santosh Khandelwal
'Rooh-e-Majrooh' was a treat not just for the eyes and ears but for the soul as well. We were enamoured by the brilliant compilation, melodious songs, versatile performers and excellent presentation; all making it a marvel. It was our good fortune to be part of the mehfil. Lt. Gen. Sumer Singh Khutel
It was a great pleasure watching Rooh-e-Majrooh. It has been brilliantly conceptualized and the presentation was outstanding. Though the lyrics Majrooh Sahab wrote for the films made him popular, the soul of the poet in him has been brought out extremely well in the way his shayari was presented. The songs were beautifully rendered by the talented singers. It was a memorable evening which took us back to the golden era of film music. After 'Shahjehan', 'Andaaz' was the next great hit of Majrooh Sahab. The song 'Uthaye Ja Unke Sitam' from 'Andaaz' was included in the presentation. Arun Kumar, Retd. Chief Secretary, Govt. of Rajashtan
Thanks a lot for taking so much trouble and arranging the passes. We loved the show and really enjoyed the overall experience. Anil Mathur
I was mesmerized and in great awe with the performance of the entire cast of Rooh e Majrooh. It was very well conceptualized which made it interesting and entertaining. The rooh was evident in each song which were sung flawlessly. I wish to mention how care was taken to match each voice with the mood of the song being sung. I am deeply interested in all forms of music art theater and literature and would appreciate if I am invited to more similar programs held in Jaipur. Deepa Mathur
The program was excellent. We enjoyed. Satya Narain Mathur
सुप्रभात आपका साभार धन्यवाद ! कल आपकी कृपा से मजरूर सुलतान पुरी साहब का कार्यक्रम देखने का सौभाग्य प्राप्त हुआ! शत-शत प्रणाम Dr. Sushma Navnendra Mathur 
I was so much impressed with your performance. Umesh Mathur, ITDC
Really, the program was very good. Jaimal Singh Meena
This was my first show of Ibaadat and indeed I was awestruck with the way music flew in the hall. It was very competently managed show and was happy to be a small part of it. Looking forward to hear more music in future. Pradeep Mehra, Rajasthan Business Council
Hope to have you all soon in Jaipur evening to
cherish. Kiron Mehrotra
We enjoyed the evening hugely. Pradeep Mehta, Secretary General, Cuts International
It was delightful. Ranju Mehta
Such refreshing concept. So well presented. A great tribute to Majrooh saheb. What a wonderful evening. Satish Mehta, IFS (Retired)
Had so much fun. You people to such a professional job with so much passion. Great singing by Naveen. You all rock!!!! Would like to make a modest contribution to your efforts. Som Mittal, Past President, NASSCOM
A superbly woven tapestry of songs music and much more. Sushil Muhnot, Retd. Chairman and Managing Director, Bank of Maharashtra
Thank you for extending the invitation to a wonderful and soulful musical tribute to Majrooh Sultanpuri. As you rightly said in your introduction that Hindi film lyricist of yore have not been recognized for their contribution to literature or the arts. So glad your organization is doing this great work. Vandana Singh Nadgar
I have been attending musical shows everywhere around but Ibaadat is the greatest show on this earth. Long live Ibaadat and I salute Prithviji, Naveenji, Sangeetaji and the entire group. Raju Naushad
Everything was just more than perfect. Sundeep Pahwa
Amazing show put up by Ibaadat - everything went off so smoothly and literally had the audience wanting for more. Never miss an Ibaadat show. Mridula Pande
The show was simply outstanding. Absolutely awesome. Admire your creativity, leadership, research, and above all, your ‘joie de vivre’ (French - joy of living). Keep at it Prithvi rest of your life. Vivek Pande 
The program was very different from usual musical nights. We understand that it was meant for selected audience, having passion for lyrics of past era. We had no idea of the depth of shaayari of Majrooh Sultanpuri earlier. Now we realize that he was such a wonderful shaayar. The success of program can be enumerated from presence of many dignitaries. It was a great experience. At least, I have never attended such a well-crafted program earlier. A program par excellence. Regards. Ashok Pareek, Executive Engineer, Public Works Department
मैं अपनी इबादत खुद ही कर लूँ तो क्या बुरा है, किसी फकीर से सुना था मुझमें भी खुदा रहता है Rajendra Payal, Manager, Maharana Pratap Auditorium
Really awesome. I am young for all this but the way the concept and program was visualized has given a different level of benchmarking. Thanks again for inviting us. Abhishek Prasad, Asst. Manager, Ashiana Housing 
Very good program. Congratulations. The idea conceived by you, the concept and the screenplay were original and superb. I am a regular visitor of theatre, music and cultural programs. This is the first time I saw such a high caliber program. You deserve all the praise. Prof. Anita Rakesh
This to congratulate you for gifting one of the most delightfully enjoyable evening to Jaipur, celebrating the life of Majrooh Sultanpuri ji...It was beautifully conceived, very well coordinated and full of warmth...Jaipur looks forward to many more such memorable moments. Alaka Rao, Prof. & Head, SMS Medical College Jaipur
Good veryyyyy good. I liked it very much. I loved this program. Rammohan Rawat
It's a fantastic effort. Beautiful blend of history.... music .... and recognizing the people of art world. Hope you continue in this endeavor. Mukund Rungta, Jt. Managing Director, Rungta Mines Ltd.
The show was magical and mesmerizing, beautifully curated. Neeru Saluja, Span Hospitality Consultancy Pvt.Ltd.
It was a huge source of joy and we were thoroughly enjoyed the show! Many thanks to you for organising such a fabulous event in Jaipur. I couldn’t imagine but the whole auditorium was full and nearly everyone stayed till the very end, enraptured. I learnt a lot about Majrooh Sultanpuri’s life and how many of his songs make up so much of our developing years. The way you mingled commentary, shaayari, singing together was very classy. Please come back soon! I would like to make a donation of one lakh to the Ibaadat foundation, so please let me know the details. Please keep me updated of events and all the very best for the future! Aditya Sanghi, Rising Suntech 
Prithvi, You have left some great moments for Jaipurites to cherish. Superb. 
preparations: 10/10
performance; 10/10
stage: 10/10
mike system: 5/10 (yours)
timings: 10/10
attendance: 10/10 [i wish to give more marks here]
appreciation by audience: 10/10
invitations policy: 7/10 [could not invite all my people]
content: 10/10 [this should not be repeated as audience shall be same]
hall: 7/10
warmth: 10/10
urdu translation: 5/10 [ missed by most; perhaps a little slower]
Rajan Kumar Sanghi, Shri Krsna Motors
Rooh-e-Majrooh…Truly a memorable evening, a wonderful program, well-presented, perfect song selection, outstanding singers, a well knitted life history of Majrooh Saheb...thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks for making me part of this fantastic evening. J.P. Sarda
Thanks a lot for such a nice program on Majrooh Sultanpur ji. I attended the show with my wife. Since I am a music lover, I enjoyed it very much. The presentation about the life of Majrooh was very good with involvement of his family members. Singers were too good. I congratulate you for such a nice show. You are doing a very good work in honour of our great lyricists. Akhilesh Sharma, All India Radio
If I had missed it I would have repented. Amazing and superb. Rooh-e-Majrooh unfolded many dimensions of Majrooh saheb. One hundred and one thanks. Rtn. Deepak Sharma, President, Rotary Club Jaipur Round Town 16-17
It was a great show and the incredible performances have left an indelible mark on my heart that will stay on forever. Looking up for more such great shows. Dr.Geeta Sharma
It was a pleasure attending the program on Majrooh Sultanpuri. I would have loved it had the program been of a bit longer duration, but then I guess others in the audience might not have been too enthusiastic about it. It was a well-organized program with good artists. Congratulations for your organization skill and the accomplishment. Sudeep Sharma
A wonderful show. I really enjoyed the sher-o-shaayari and the singing which was of a high order. Prahlad Singh Shekhawat
Our experience at Rooh-e-Majrooh was, simply put, wonderful. It was a delightfully elegant presentation. Something that we (me and my wife, Manju) have not experienced before. The singers were amazing and so were the comperes. Congratulations, and we will look forward to further shows from Ibaadat. I must have talked to at least 25-30 people about your show because it was truly enjoyable. Not the least was a professional outlook that included starting and ending on time! I have two questions for you. 1. Is there a possibility of making online contribution? 2. Is there a minimum amount that you accept/expect? Manoj Shrimali
What a lovely program. Went back to the Seventies. Had a wonderful time really enjoyed. Good work very well organized. Ganga Singh, Director, Reads
Was one of its kind experience. Outstanding program, Ashok Singhvi
Excellent. People have been raving about it. Lavalina Sogani
Our heartiest congratulations to you and your team for a superlative show. We have never witnessed a show which has been conducted with such grace and finesse. The life of Majrooh Sultanpuri was put across in such a cogent manner, and in a format that we have not seen. The melodies sung left us thirsting for more and two and a half hours just flew by. We wish you all the very best in your future endeavours and eagerly look forward to your shows in Jaipur. Brig. Privender Singh Soin 
I am glad to be a family member of Ibaadat and I am sure my late father Majrooh Sultanpuri will be happy. Long live Ibaadat. Saba Majrooh Sultanpuri
हल्दिया जी नमस्कार मैंने परिवार के साथ कार्यक्रम देखा । कार्यक्रम बहुत अच्छा था व हम सबने बहुत enjoy किया । बहुत धन्यवाद दलीप तारग एन्व परिवार 
It was a privilege to attend your function at Jaipur on 27th October.
The event was very well organised. The sher-o-shaayari and songs were astounding. I hope to have opportunities in future see your performance. Rajendra Tripathi