Lo aa gayi unki yaad...Remembering Shakeel, Kolkata - Some messages received

I am grateful to you for giving me a chance to attend such a marvelous program. Along with songs and ghazals, sher-o-shayari was a bonus. Wishing all round success in your mission Looking forward for another great program. Ajit Bachhawat

The musical presentation on the life and memory of a legend was very nice. Kamal Baitha

No thank yous will be sufficient to express the immense pleasure I had in attending a wonderful evening soaked in the memories of the great Shakeel Badayuni Saab, that you were instrumental in arranging and presenting in a dramatic style not usually seen. It was pure nostalgia, basking in the shayari, songs and anecdotes that you shared with other dignitaries like, Raju Naushadji, Javed Badayuni Saab, Obaid Azam Azmi Saab, and Sangeeta Bediji on stage. The musical presentations were simply exotic, the choice of the songs most appropriate, and renditions wonderful (here I must mention Suprriya Joshii ji's name, who was just superb). Indrajit Banerji

Enjoyed the show. Sunita Banka

Thank you very much for inviting us for the Musical Drama Celebration " Remembering Shakeel Badyuni " in Kolkata. My wife, Ratna, and I really enjoyed the program. As for me, this was one of the best quality production I have seen in many years with so talented individuals performing. Dipak Basak

Thoroughly enjoyable evening of music - my mother was delighted to hear the live rendition of the evergreen songs composed by Shakeel by the extremely talented singers - she has been listening to these wonderful gems for years now and it was indeed nostalgic to be able to hear them as a collection all over again. Hats off to Prithvi for his amazing research. Samir Batra

It was a pleasure to be there. Mamta Binani, Past President, Institute of Company Secretaries of India

If within my means, any day any time for such wonderful endeavor! Regards, A.Q.Chowdhury, Dacca

The show was very enjoyable. Singers were very powerful. All the best. Keep presenting such programmes. Om Prakash Dalmia

The Kolkata show rocked as usual...got excellent and rave reviews. Never seen this precision and research. Anand Desai

My husband, Rajib and I enjoyed last evening's programme thoroughly. Jhinuk Gupta, Granddaughter-in-law of Pankaj Kumar Mullick. Pankaj Mullick Music and Art Foundation

No doubt attending the programme was a treat for us. We were drawn into the world of those magnificent years and started humming every song with your performers; nostalgic! Kudos to your team. Suman & Ramesh Jalan

Thanks a lot for such a wonderful programme. I always look forward to your musical journey. Archana Jhunjhunwala

Thank you for giving us this opportunity of cherishing the best of the best. Surely it was a leisure of soul. Thank you for all your time and efforts. Pragya Jhunjhunwala

Kal aapko stage per dekha aur itna sunder top ka programme dekha. Gazab aap ki mehnat aur gazab research kabil-e-taarif hai. Badhai and aabhar. Kusum Kajaria

My wife joins me in conveying our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to you and your team for the most enjoyable and absorbing evening. One can only imagine the amount of research, planning preparation and hard work that must have gone in organizing this wonderful and beautiful presentation on the poet and his evergreen work. S.S.Kapoor, Retd. Chief Engineer SE Railways

Marvelous presentation…spellbound. Ruhi + Hashim Khan, Rafi Lovers Circle

The show was too good. It was simply mesmerizing. It was our first-time experience with Ibaadat. Singers were too good. Over all…excellent. Giriraj Kothari

Many thanks for bringing the above programme to Kolkata. We thoroughly enjoyed the show. I do hope you all will continue to bring your productions to Kolkata in future as well. Do remember us, Alok Maheshwary

This is just to thank you and your wonderful team. The evening left a mesmerizing impact which will last certainly few weeks, thereafter will be cherished throughout. The songs of yesteryears with precision in execution was the best tribute to the veteran lyricist. Gopal K. Mohanty, Former Chief Operations Manager, South Eastern Railway

Wonderful. Enjoyed myself. Fantastic choices of songs. The research team is commended and mention must be made. Justice Nadira Patherya

It was fantastic. I will send in my contribution. Hope to see more such pograms in Kolkata. Vishal Prabhakar

The entire programme in its content as well as in its execution was highly professional and superb in its appeal. The selection of songs was a deadly cocktail of passion and pathos which has charmed and churned the deep emotional chords of the entire audience. The compering done by yourself was really very professional and it exhibited your thorough knowledge of the subject. I along with my friend thoroughly enjoyed the programme. I will take necessary action towards contribution to Ibaadat. Prabal Sen

This was the 2nd show I have attended after Shailendra, and it has definitely exceeded my expectations! The quality of singing, the shaayeri kept us glued to our seats till the very end, and the presence of Javed Badayuni and Raju Naushad was the icing on the cake. Special mention must be made of Supriyaa and Sarvesh, both of whom simply blew us away with their renditions. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and look forward to more such presentations in the near future. Thanking you once again for enabling me to be a part of your wonderful offerings. Hats off to Ibaadat for all the effort you are putting in to bring the lyricists the fore, as it is the music composers who usually hog the limelight! Regards. Sanjay Sen

“लो आ गई उनकी याद”
तरोताज़ा हमें किया
शकील के गीत शायरी को
जी कर दिखा दिया
ये शाम हुई रोशन
बिसरे दिनों में खो गए
मानो कि मखमली से
आगोश में सो गए
इबादत की चांदनी में
हम तो नहा लिए
बेसब्र हम रहेंगे
अगली इबादत के लिए
Tarun Sethia

It was indeed my pleasure to attend the programme. It was a great show as even I have inclination towards ghazals and old Hindi film songs because of my dad. Thanks a lot sir for inviting me to such a great event. Kirti Sharma

It was at once sonorous and nostalgic-indeed a delightful evening. Shall ever cherish your kind gesture. Regards Ajit Singhee