Nirantar Neeraj, Mumbai - Some messages received

Good show. And it was great seeing and meeting the living legend. Jatin Ahuja, Managing Director, GIPTEC LLC, Dubai

A superb conception and execution…there was a smile on our faces throughout the performance. The purpose of the production was served-we all have a part of Neeraj in our memories, forever. Rajeev Ahuja, Head-Strategy, RBL Bank Ltd.

Really enjoyed it. You have created something special. Vishwavir Ahuja, Chairman & Managing Director, RBL Bank Ltd.

Extremely engrossing. Compliments for a wonderful programme. It was so beautifully constructed that one was glued to the seat. Your singers were par excellence and presence of Padma Bhushan Neeraj ji will ever remain fresh in the minds of audience.Farooq Alvi, Chartered Engineer, Project Management Consultants

It was very good and relaxing. Dinesh and Rita Arya

Aik aur shaandaar show...Shukriya aap ka ki aap ne itne aham aur baawaqaar program mein bulaaya aur izzat bakhshi. Obaid Azam Azmi

Extremely pleased with the experience. Jaisinh Babla, Miku Agencies

It was a honour to attend this unique and outstanding show on Neerajji. Jai ho and salute to entire team of Ibaadat team and most talented artists to have made a great show second to none. Javed Shakeel Badayuni

I enjoyed the program to the fullest. I think the program is very beautifully designed , well scripted and wonderfully executed. Singers were very good and a very insightful Neeraj. I would like you to continue with this. Prakash Bagla, Vice President, Motilal Oswal Private Equity Advisors Pvt.Ltd.

पृथ्वी जी, हम सभीं भाव विभोर थे . अंत में नीरज जब तरन्नुम में गाये .... मानों सचमुच में प्रभु दर्शन हम पाये। न कारवां ही गुजरा था और न ही हमने उड़ता गुबार देखा; नीरज जी जवां थे हमारे, उनमें उमड़ता हुस्नो खुमार देखा.Bharat Bagri, Chairman, BCB Brokerage Pvt.Ltd.

The programme was too good, exceptional and when Neerajji came it was like a real surprise and shock. After going through his life journey, it became a dream to meet him and then we met such a big personality. The whole set up and coordination was too good and we were feeling it should not end. I am lucky to see it. Sunanda Bagrodia, Director, Four Seasons Hotel

This is to thank you for a wonderful opportunity to attend “Nirantar Neeraj” . It was a phenomenal experience…. whole show was crafted very meticulously, reflecting the life story of a legend. Putting thoughts together in an engaging manner, keeping the audience in mind, was really laudable….. Manish Bansal, Chief Executive Officer, Value Ideas Investment Services Pvt.Ltd.

It was fantastic and joyful show. Totally different than thought of and captivated the entire theme. I am obliged to watch this show. At the end, Neerajji himself made the show a memorable event. S.K.Bansal, Executive Vice President, IDBI Capital Market Services Ltd. 

Indeed, one of the best programmes I have attended. Conceptualisation + Planning + Execution were outstanding. Kudos to you and the Team Ibaadat. Devendra Bhandari, Ex ED, Aditya Birla Group

Thank you and your entire team towards this exhilarating experience!! Your efforts and sincerity towards this endeavour reflected beautifully on stage. What improvements??? You are doing a brilliant job!! Three cheers to you and your team! Vandana Bhardwaj

Words could never describe the emotion and experience that was realized at Nirantar Neeraj. I know that poetry of Neeraj has depth and breadth of oceans but he himself reciting them took it to a different level, mesmerizing, beyond description. This evening will certainly be included in my favourites. Thanks for an incredible musical evening.Dr.Y.K.Bhardwaj, Head RR & AD-Radiation Technology Development Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

Thank you very much for giving us the golden opportunity to attend the wonderful program yesterday. Seeing Neeraj ji himself in person was truly unbelievable. All the artists were amazing. The singers, the Kathak performance and the narratives by the brothers were immensely well organised. Overall it was truly an 'Ibaadat' of literature blended with fine performing arts. I have shared our exhilarating experience with lots of music enthusiasts in our vicinity. Hope to see more of these ventures in future. May your organization grow with leaps and bounds. Manjari Bhargava

I enjoyed the show immensely and should complement you and your team for weaving together a delectable tapestry on Neeraj's life and poetry. Getting Neeraj to the show in person and listening to his enthusiastic poetry recital were indeed the highlights of the show. The singers and the dancer were absolutely top class and were a very good complement to the sheer genius of Neeraj's poetry. The show was indeed well crafted and a delight to the poetry and music connoisseurs. U.R.Bhat, Managing Director, Dalton Capital Advisors (India) Pvt.Ltd.

It was indeed a great pleasure to attend the show and we felt extremely privileged to experience the depth of Neeraj ji's poetry. Recently, on one of the TV shows someone asked Asha Bhosle why everyone is able to remember 2 to 3 decade old songs, but new ones are forgotten pretty soon. Her reply was that the poetry of the old songs was its soul. Composers and singers only attempted to decorate the soul further. I understood the true meaning of her comment only after attending Nirantar Neeraj. It was truly a remarkable experience. An experience which has kindled in me a very strong urge to read poetry written by Neeraj ji. Thank you once again for a memorable experience.Rajeev N. Bhatia

Thank you. Tushar Bhatia

The program was outstanding. Also being able to see and hear a living legend was memorable. Jaideep Bhattacharya, Ex Managing Director, BOB Mutual Fund

Nirantar Neeraj was a superb program. We enjoyed. Rajesh Bhayani, Sr.Editor, Business Standard

It was really a memorable experience. The most striking features of the event was well researched subject and unique format in a semi-formal set up in terms of an easygoing storytelling, recitation of poetry and singing of ghazals written by one of the living legend viz. Neeraj. To top it all, the biggest surprise was the legend himself coming to the stage. Gyan Bhushan, Executive Director-Investor Assistance & Education, Securities & Exchange Board of India

"निरंतर नीरज" कार्यक्रम देखा, सुना और आनंद लिया... अविस्मरणीय अदभुत विलक्षण ।। दिल्ली और मुबंई के कलाकारों का समन्वय बेजोड़ । आशा है कि और भी कवि शायरों की प्रस्तुति, जो यह समूह कर चुका है वह भी देखने का मौका मिलेगा । सभी कलाकारों को साधुवाद । Ashok Bindal

An amazing evening. Listening to the great poet, Neeraj ji was a great experience and his rendition and passion for poetry at the age of 90 years is a lesson for us to learn in our respective fields. His love for nation and to correct things going wrong in India is a motivation for all the Indians. I also liked narrations and rendition by his sons. The songs and dance by artistes selected by you were of very high quality and audience enjoyed those. You and your colleagues anchored the show with great dignity, panache and continuity. You have started a great initiative and it was a wonderful experience for me being a music lover and a lover of poetry, ghazals. If there is anything I can do to support you in this cause, do let me know. Sanjeev Chachondia, Operating Partner, New Silk Route Advisors Pvt.Ltd.

It was a good program…we are very happy and impressed. Amitabh Chaturvedi, Managing Director, Essel Finance Management LLP

Ibaadat is doing a commendable job in keeping the flame of Hindi/Urdu poetry alive. As far as show on Neerajji is concerned, I could have never appreciated the legendary literary work of Neerajji better than on 2/2/15 show for compact 3 hours. I have the fortune of listening him live along with Bachhanji and other legends in Kavi sammelans and have read many of his books and but for the show I could not have the chance to see all at one place and that too in the presence of poet himself. His work is immortal and Ibaadat is extending that immortality further. All the best and good wishes for your future endeavours in this regard. B.G.Daga, Ex Managing Director, Central Depository Services Ltd.

The function was truly ecstatic. This time my wife who does not normally attend such functions joined me. She too enjoyed the evening. Hats off to you and the organizers for this unique experiment. Bhupen Dalal, Chairman, Western Securities

I thoroughly enjoyed the program and was very impressed with the painstaking research that went into presenting the same. It vividly brought back fond memories of the rich lyrics of Neerajji which is so sadly lacking in present day songs. His personal appearance was truly the icing on the cake ! Kudos and wishing Ibaadat foundation all the very best in the years to come. Pratul Dalal, Executive Director, Western Press Pvt.Ltd. 

The show was very well organised and conducted. Actual presence of Neerajji was the highlight. Thanks for a wonderful programme. Shubhada Dandekar, Shujani Enterprises

Thanks to you and your Foundation for giving us this fabulous presentation. The dramatic and somewhat suspense laden entry of Neeraj sent the audience to cloud nine. I have been attending this event for the last four years and it very difficult to find a flaw if there is any with either the style or the substance. With an apology to Ghalib Saab:
Hain aur bhi duniya mein mehfilen lagaane wale bahut achhe
Kehten hain ki Ibaadat ka andaaz- e -numaish kuchh aur. 
Sunil Datta

I was lucky enough to get the invitation for `Nirantar Neeraj' show. It was a well conceived and very well executed show. Bringing Rev. Neerajji on stage was an icing on the cake. It was a treat to watch a great poet like him to perform on the stage with zeal & confidence. His impressive voice made the audience spell bound, as he was eager to continue even after the show time was over. All the singers sang very well, All those who touched upon various incidents of Neerajji's life, including his sons were very good. I once again thank you and your trust for the excellent work that you are doing. Anil Dave

It was a great journey we passed through while attending the great show. The surprise of Neerajji’s presence was pleasant. We never knew a 90-year old person can join us & share his beautiful poems by reciting in his own voice. We salute him. At the same time we should not forget the efforts taken by you and your Ibaadat team to make such thing possible for art loving people like us. I take this opportunity to congratulate you and your whole team for such a great journey possible for us. Jigar Desai, Sr. Manager, Sunidhi Securities & Finance Ltd.

I thoroughly enjoyed the program and was really glad to know the role Ibaadat is playing in the promotion of poetry. Pankaj Dhandharia, Sr. Partner, Ernst & Young

The idea of celebrating the stars of yesteryears is itself very laudable. The experience was awesome and the show lives up to its name "Ibaadat". Aruna Chhajed Dhanesha, Partner, Chhajed & Doshi, Chartered Accountant

It was really nice. We enjoyed it thoroughly. Please keep this on! D.R.Dogra, Managing Director & CEO, Credit Analysis & Research Ltd.

How could I possibly suggest an improvement on an evening that was perfect? Nirantar Neeraj not unlike the rest of the shows by the Ibaadat Foundation was magical. Hearing the poet himself in person was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. I will cherish the memories of that wonderful show for many days to come. Thank you and the Ibaadat Foundation for making such an experience possible. Faye D'Souza, Anchor & Editor-Personal Finance, ET NOW 

We loved the programme. The poetry and the music were great. Selection of songs and the singers were really superb. This was a great introduction to Neeraj whom we had read in school. Neerajji's personal rendering of his poems was just out of world and for this reason we will remember this unique programme for a very long time.O.P.Gahrotra, IAS, Ex Executive Director, Securities & Exchange Board of India

It was indeed an great evening to experience Kavi Neeraj in person. Thank you for making us a part of this journey Ibaadat. Dr.Madhuri Gawande

It must have been a long time that I have attended a such fantastic programme. The programme was a super hit. I wish you all the best in your endeavour and I am sure it will be and remain a super hit programme. Niranjan Gehani

As a lover of good music, I not only enjoyed the songs the presentation was introspective & exposed us to some unknown facts about Neerajji and also your organization. I wish you all the very best & pray for your group to have energies to go on presenting such beautiful shows. Prakash Gehani

Thoroughly enjoyed it. Icing on the cake was the poet himself towards end of the show. I could make out that he did not want to stop but keep going on and on. It was your request that programme had to be brought to an end that eventually persuaded him to stop, but not before reciting (from memory) some of his best poetry. What a pity that Hindi film industry got only 120 songs from the great poet, and every one of these songs is hummable. I must confess that I did not know earlier that many of these songs had been penned by him. I was surprised to learn that Neeraj had penned songs even for Raj Kapoor! I thought Raj Kapoor used only Shailendra and Hasrat Jaipuri. Your emphasis on highlighting the life and times of the lyricist is clearly visible and results are showing. Praveen Godbole, Regional Manager, New India Assurance Co. Ltd.

The show was researched and thoughtfully conducted. The inclusion of the Neeraj family was not only welcome but their introduction did not interrupt the flow or presentation. They played their roles well. What to say about the surprise- the icing on the cake? Thanks for keeping the time element intact -to start, to cleverly incorporate live film songs in medley to balance off the time for surprise and to end! It reflects your commitment and respect for the audience! Hats Off! Kushal Gopalka, Researcher, Writer, Producer, Performer in relation to Indian music

Nirantar Neeraj was an excellent show, creative presentation, unique format, wonderful coverage of songs, poetry of the living legend -Padma Bhushan Dr Gopal Das Neeraj. Sequence of the presentation and sound system was beyond imagination to support the theme. It was a memorable evening and we enjoyed a lot. Vasant Gujarathi

Yet another splendid offering from Ibaadat Foundation. More power to you guys for putting so much heart and love in what you do. It was entirely our pleasure. Ankur Gupta, Proman Associates Pvt.Ltd.

A programme incomparable and unforgettable. Wish to be a part of another memorable journey. C.K.Gupta 

It was indeed my pleasure to watch such wonderful musical show, which I did not expected to be so enchantingI must congrats all the team for such a creative way to honour our assets like Neerajji , who has made our literature so rich with his creative thinking. For the first time I can to know how great a poet Neerajji is . His movie songs are sadabahar and I for the first time came to know that those old wonderful songs are written by him. They will ever remain unforgettable in the minds of people of India. I wish him a long life. The presentation was fabulous. Good dancer, singers, live music, and the entire set up was wonderful. I congratulate you and Ibaadat Foundation for presenting such wonderful show. Chand Gupta, TIS Network

Dear Prithvi, It was a great pleasure and honour to be there and learn more about Mr. Neeraj and seeing him in person was an added bonus. We will cherish these memories forever. Don't see anything amiss. Look forward to being there for future events. With regards. Sunil Gupta

It was another wonderful experience at Nirantar Neeraj. Every show by Ibaadat has a uniqueness, something new to unfold each time. We have truly become big fans and big endorsers of your show. I love the way the entire life journey of the shaayar from his birth till the end is covered up without making it monotonous at any point of time. The way it is presented, it connects with all age groups. Superb. Vinod Gupta, CEO, VVF (India) Ltd./Prof. Prachi Gupta, ITM School of Management

The programme was wonderful, as always!. We enjoyed every moment of it. Many thanks for allowing an extra person. My parents were visiting us and I thought my father may like to come. He also enjoyed very much and sat through the entire evening. Again kudos to the dedication of Ibaadat team - the efforts are visible in the attention to detail throughout the show. The singers are great too -- please convey special mention to Sarvesh. I understand you were also not well that day but managed to carry through!Gautam Gupte, Director-ECM, Ambit Corporate Finance Pvt.Ltd.

The narration and anecdotes were very informative. Choice of full-length songs was splendid. The innovation of medley was really great covering as it did a span of songs. The dance performances, a new element, added to the beauty of the programme. And ultimately, of course, Neerajji’s presence for thirty odd minutes was truly the icing on the cake. Congratulations. Mahesh Joshi, Vice President-Corp. Admn. & Estates, Edelweiss Securities Ltd.

Very well made program.. excellent in all ways… words !! The concept, scripting, the singers…excellent! Sarvesh, Alok and the lady all really good. All the anchors 10 on 10 ! Dr.Rahul Joshi 

Indeed it was great show. Song choice, narrations were too good. Your choice of singers is remarkable…special congrats to them. So far, I haven’t missed any Ibaadat show. ‘Team Ibaadat…hats off to you. Mukesh Kachalia, Asst.Vice President-ECM & Investment Banking, Axis Capital Ltd.

I am really thankful to you for the opportunity you gave me and my family to attend the show on Dr Gopaldas Neeraj. To be honest I have never seen a show in this format which was different and very good. Even my mother had not seen a show in this style and was very impressed . We all liked the show and am sure would eagerly wait for the next one your foundation hosts in Mumbai . Besides it was good to see you on the stage and also hear you sing. Prakash Kacholia, Managing Director, Emkay Global Financial Services Ltd.

We attended this programme with 7 of our friends. All nine of us thoroughly enjoyed the programme and greatly appreciated the high professional quality in all aspects. Not a single minute was wasted and the programme moved very smoothly. This is all because of your untiring efforts. Heartiest Congratulations! Ramesh Kacholia, Managing Director, Glorimex Pvt. Ltd. 

This was one of your finest presented evenings-thanks very much. The proverbial cherry on the top being the very presence of a great poet and more importantly a fine human being Neeraj saab! Don’t think there wasn’t a moist eye in the audience as he sat there and reminiscing and reciting!! A truly grand finale indeed!! Bharati Kalle, Yoga Teacher

Thank you for having us there. It was just delightful being able to hear Neeraj live at this age - that was a huge plus for the event. Madhukar Kamath, Group CEO & MD, DDB Mudra Group (and Shalini)

Fantastic show. Raju Kane, Managing Director, Source Strategic Communication Pvt.Ltd.

Nirantar Neeraj was simply amazing. We really admire your focus and thorough research of the programs that you do. The singers were well polished and selection of songs was superb. To add icing to the cake the surprise was Shri Neeraj himself on the stage and at this age of 90 the kind of enthusiasm he displayed in re-collecting his experiences and poems. It was all great. Brij Mohan Kapoor

It was a pleasure attending the above programme and I would sincerely like to thank you and Ibaadat team for putting up a great show as usual. Sanjiv Kapur, President, Ficus Wealth

The programme was one of the best that we have seen. It was unbelievable to see Neeraj Saheb in person. My brother and Bhabhi (who are on visit from London) also thoroughly enjoyed this rare evening. The conceptualisation and execution of the programme was simply superb. Singers were outstanding and enthralled the audience with élan. You deserve kudos for this initiative and commitment. Dr.Anil K.Khandelwal, Chairman, Anugyan Consulting Pvt.Ltd. (Ex Chairman, Bank of Baroda)

It was very nice program and we enjoyed very much. Atul Khandelwal, Manas Enterprises (and Vandana) 

Wonderful program. Qaiser Khhaalid, Asst.Commissioner of Police, Maharashtra

We are extremely thankful for receiving invite for such a wonderful program. We are always familiar with the songs and music but very little we know about what has gone behind it and life story of Neerajji is highly inspirational. Best part of the program was live interaction with Neerajji himself. Program was well conceptualized and very well delivered too. Once again thanks for organizing such thoughtful program and in turn tribute to the legendary. Sameer Koticha, Vice Chairman, ASK Group

An excellent show. The souvenir contained the poems of Shri Neerajji which was a great help post the program. On a Monday evening to have the hall packed to capacity speaks volume of your goodwill as well as that of the show. Ajit Kucheria, Partner, Kucheria & Associates

It was a great program and we thoroughly enjoyed it, especially because all the songs penned by Neeraj were in the earlier generation and those are the songs we like. Clearly, the audience loved it as evidenced by the hall being packed to capacity. The presence of the poet and his rendering of various couplets made it an invaluable experience. Even at this advanced age, he remembered each and every word of his poems… truly remarkable. If you would have given him an opportunity, he would have continued reciting poetry for a few hours more. The production and sets keep getting better with each program. Sanjaya S.Kulkarni, Managing Director, Indian Direct Equity Advisors Pvt.Ltd.

Congratulations on yet another houseful program from Ibaadat. The show was awesome as always. My friends are asking when is the next one! Shaila Kulkarni

Thank you profusely for giving us an opportunity to watch the fruit of your labor of love, commitment and devotion to the noble cause of Ibaadat. Aapka Nirantar Neeraj hum dono ko Nirantar yaad Rahega! The layout of the programme and the sequencing was perfect. The flow was smooth and the interplay between anecdotes, live singing and narration was seamlessly stitched. Hats off on the conception! And the brilliant gesture of bringing Neeraj himself and his two sons was, to use a cliche, the icing on the cake. The overall impact was indeed something which would linger in the memories of music lovers for a long time. N.S.Vijaya Kumar, Muscat

Congrats on another excellent presentation ! It was very nice to see even the "always in a hurry to get back home" Mumbai audience uniformly waiting till the very end of the almost 2 and half-hour extended poetry programme ! And also very energising to observe 90-year Kavi Neeraj's astonishing memory & poetic energy ! You have been continuously increasing the production values every time, and the quality of presentation kept the audience deeply engaged throughout the programme. Well done ! More power to the Ibaadat Team ! T.L.Palani Kumar, Director, SBI Mutual Fund

The passion and the preparation of the entire Ibaadat team was writ large on the entire show. It was immensely enjoyable and made every one present in the hall relive the beautiful journey traversed by Neeraj JI for over six decades. My kudos and compliments for a splendid effort and a virtuoso performance. What suggestion can anyone give to such a gifted and talented group !! I will be more than happy to be of any help or assistance in Ibaadat's future endeavours. C.S.Lodha

It was absolutely delightful to have had the opportunity to attend the Nirantar Neeraj programme. A very well organized programme depicting Neeraj's life and achievements in the form of songs, dances, excerpts and lastly Neeraj himself ! I wish you and your team all the best in the Ibaadat journey. Aruna Madan

The show was wonderful. When I was like 14~16 years old, I heard Neeraj ji in Kavi Sammelan at Kota. And after that… on 2nd Feb 2015. In no words I can express my joy and connect with the program. Suggestion - more such programs needed. This was 2nd program I attended after a gap of one year. Pradeep Malu, IStreet Network

The show was very good and impressive. Hitesh Mandot, Sr.Vice President-Corporate Finance & Investment Banking, Axis Capita Ltd.

I would say this was not the best of your shows. Bringing Mr. Neeraj was an excellent idea. Deena and Asit Mehta, Managing Director, Asit C.Mehta Investment Interrmediates Ltd.

Amazing. Nipun Mehta, Founder & CEO, Blueocean Capital Advisors

It was a wonderful and soulful program. It was a very ruhani moment when Neeraj Ji himself came on stage and recite few of his compositions. He started with "Ab to mazhab koi aisa chalaya jaaye, jisme insaan ko insaan banaya jaaye" . I liked specially .tan se jyada hote hai in saanso ka bojh,,murda to tairan lage, zinda jaata doob..few others had so indepth meaning.."Jitna kam samaan rahega, Utna safar aasan rahega" few were very inspiring "Chup-chup ashru bahane walon, Moti vyarth lutaane walon; Kuchh sapno ke mar jaane se, Jeevam nahi mara karta hai" . He has written numerous songs for films..haan tune kasam li, shokhiyon mein ghola jaaye, Rangeela re, jeevan ki bagiya mehekegi, taqat watan ki hamse hai, subah na aayi, o meri sharmili, Kehta hai jokar, khilte hein gul yahan, Megha chhaye adhi raat, kaisa hai mere dil tu khiladi...Indeed It was a one more memorable page of my life....Rashmi Mishra

Thanks for such a memorable night. Balkishan Mohta, Member, BSE Ltd.

An out-of-time experience. Sushil Muhnot, Chairman & Managing Director, Bank of Maharashtra

What a memorable and unique tribute you and your colleagues created today for Neeraj! Our sincere thanks and gratitude to Ibaadat for conceptualising and executing this programme to perfection. Every element of the programme was well thought out and inter-woven beautifully. The story tellers, the singers and the dancer were all of very high quality. By making Neeraj and his sons participate in this show was a stroke of genius. Our friends came and really appreciated this opportunity of witnessing such a unique event. Our kudos to all of you. Abha Mundra

It was wonderful evening of poetry and music. Completely enjoyed! It was indeed a soulful program. You are a remarkable team of passionate people! It was a memorable evening. Srilekha Nair, Poetess

Thanks to Ibaadat we had the privilege of listening to a living legendary lyricist Neeraj. We appreciate the tireless effort of Ibaadat team to put forth an absorbing and delightful evening for enthusiastic follower of old Hindi film songs. Suman and Dinkar B.Nayak, Managing Director, GEBR. Pfeiffer (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Great show. I really liked the way you weaved it into a seamless narrative. Varad Pande, Associate Partner, Dalberg

The program was very much appreciated. Nitin Parab, President Elect 2015-16, Rotary Club of Ghatkopar

Your show on Nirantar Neeraj was outstanding. The surprise factor was of course the nonagenarian Neeraj who is not just a poet but a philosopher too. Truly a wonderful program!! Nithya Parameswaran

It was a spellbinding show and Shri Neeraj’s entry was a majestic addition to the already excellent performance. We will as usual, wait for the next round of this fabulous series of unique events put together with a lot of hard work and dedication by your team. Sandeep Parekh, Managing Partner, Finsec Law Advisors 

It was fabulous. Everything was well planned. Enjoyed a lot...All my friends liked it. Keep up the good work. Rajesh K.Patel, Director, Finepack

Terrific show! The proverbial icing on the cake was the presence of Neerajsaab himself. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Truly a wonderful evening. Hearty congrats to you and your entire team. S.V.Prasad, Chairman, Chime Finance & Investments Pvt.Ltd.

It was really great pleasure to attend "Nirantar Neeraj". It was a great pleasure to see Neeraj ji in person and at the same time enjoyed lovely songs and gazals created by him when we all were growing up. Hemang Raja, Ex Director, Credit Suisee

It was such a wonderful evening. Charan Rawat, Director Compliance-India, Barclays Bank PLC

Wonderful show. The programme was well conceptualised and executed perfectly. My only suggestion is to have more such shows in Mumbai. Pradeep Rawat

Absolutely enjoyed it. Chetan Savla, Sr.Executive Director & Head-Corporate Advisory Group, Kotak Mahindra Capital Co.Ltd.

We enjoyed the show. Rajil Sayani

One more amazing performance by your team. It was a great idea to get Neeraj’s sons participate full time. Neeraj’s own presence thrilled all of us. It was indeed a unique experience. Your humility and versatility is unbelievable. There is a tremendous depth and bandwidth in what you do! Anmol Sekhri, Chief Executive, Anmol Sekhri Consultants Pvt.Ltd.

I have attended all your events you have done in Mumbai. Dr Supriya Joshi is the backbone of your show , She makes your show from good to better & better to Best, Alok was too good as well. Girish K.Setia, Master Stroke

Program arrangement and narrated was excellent, as always. Your program flow and content were very good. Bharat Shah, Director, Ask Investment Holdings Pvt.Ltd.

The show was just fabulous, as usual! Especially, Neerajji being present himself was so heart warming and also emotionally overwhelming. The show is just improving year after year. Bhavesh A.Shah, Managing Director-Investment Banking, JM Financial Institutional Securities Ltd.

I liked it very much. Having Shri Neeraj amongst us was the biggest inspiration. Rahul Shah

It was simply fantastic! The initiative is ensuring that the talent is kept alive in today’s modern day and age. Setu Shah, Director, Prose Consulting LLP

As usual, impeccable execution and an evening of supreme bliss! The personal appearance of Neerajji towards the end was sone pe suhaaga! Snehal Shah, Partner, Fairwinds Private Equity/Fairwinds Asset Managers Ltd.

The show was absolutely superb. And presenting Neeraj in flesh and blood, in a surprise move towards the end, took my breath away. I was completely overwhelmed. In fact, I wanted to share this thrill of mine with you the very next day, but couldn't, as I was shifting house. Shankara Sharma

Wonderful evening. Really enjoyed the program and listening to Neeraj was a rare treat.Vidhu Shekhar, Consultant, CFA Institute

It was a beautiful show. Neerajji personally aaye was a pleasant surprise, Nirantarji bhi aa jaate to acchha rahta Neerajji's son who recited his poetry resembled him and his style so much, had always heard "Swapn Jhare Phool Se" in Neerajji's style from Sand Deep and it was a great feeling to be there when the singer, who sang Rafi songs, sang it in front of him. All the compereS and singers were good, including the one who sang ghazals and the lady who performed dance on the songs, everything about the Show was 'A Class'. Congrats to you and everyone associated with the Show. Wish good health to the living legend. Camaal Mustafa Sikandar

It was a great show! Congratulations to the team!! Yashika Sikka (Singer)

Thanks for Nirantar Neeraj by Ibaadat. All the events organised by Ibaadat have been very satisfying and soul fulfilling. Dr.G.S.Singh, Advisor Higher Education, Hon.Prof.Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar

The program was very well presented. I enjoyed the good old songs. V.P.Singh, Partner, Mavenvest Capital Partners LLP (Ex Chairman, IFCI)

Another amazing performance by Ibaadat. I was fortunate to listen to “Neeraj” in Kavi Sammelans during my school days. Never thought that in my life I will have another chance to see and listen to him LIVE. You did it. Getting him live at 90 years of age is outstanding. A big thank to the whole team for such a wonderful program. And that’s despite many of you were not at the best of the health. Kudos to you and your team for this noble cause. Program is just flawless. Hats off. God bless you. Anil Singhvi, Markets Editor, CNBC Awaaz

Thanks…what a meticulously planned, flawlessly executed labour of love! Wish I had attended the previous events also. Sanjay Sinha, Founder, Citrus Advisors 

I would like to congratulate you on organising such a beautiful event. Hats off to your team who have managed such a wonderful show capturing the whole life of Neeraj in a time window of less than two hours in such an entertaining and enlightening way. I thoroughly enjoyed the program especially the Hindi literature dialects and the poetry part. Dipesh Sohani, Asst. Vice President, Investment Banking, Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd.

It was a pleasure, as always, to be part of yet another fascinating show. Excellent research, very well scripted & presented, wonderful song selection and superlative singing. It was a very pleasant surprise to see Neeraj ji with us. It was truly an unforgettable, precious, honourable and once-in-lifetime moment to hear Neeraj ji live. I feel honoured to be part of Ibaadat journey. My heart felt thanks you and the entire team at Ibaadat for doing this wonderful work of bring poetry alive again. Best wishes to Ibaadat team for many such events. Paresh Soni, Dy.Vice President-Investment Banking, HDFC Bank Ltd.

As usual, we thoroughly enjoyed the show and compliment you and your team for an excellent presentation. Arrival of the great legend himself at the end of the program to recite his verses was the icing on the cake! Our short feedback is to say,”It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience to be with you that evening”. The singers were simply wonderful. The dancer performed significantly better than what we had seen in earlier shows. The son of the poet presented the verses really from the heart! N.Srinivas, Director-Technical, Lloyd Insulations India Ltd. (& Krupa)

The programme was very good, thematically & otherwise. Even quality of singers were good. Vijay Taparia, Executive Director, Supreme Industries Ltd.

Outstanding. Neerajji presence was a bonus for us. It was a great show congrats to your entire team. Sunil Thaker, Insurance Advisor

A mellifluous evening. My father enjoyed it a lot, which made it all the more special for me. The show was awesome in every respect. I have always been a big fan of Neeraj ji and watching him recite his poems in person will remain etched in my memory for years to come. Anu Thareja

Excellent and heart-filling show. S.P.Tulsian, Chief Executive Officer & Editor, Premium Investments

It was great experience, as always. Dr.Manoj Vaish, Ex MD, Bombay Stock Exchange

Kudos for the lovely programme. Thoroughly enjoyed. Varsha Valecha

Thoroughly enjoyed the program on Neeraj. Unlike the past programs, this one dealt with Neerajji’s non-filmy work extensively which was delightful. The quality of singing and presentation was very high, as always. Clearly, a lot of hard work had gone into the show and it showed! So my sincere thanks to you for a wonderful evening. I think Ibaadat is doing a very valuable work of “keeping the flame alive”, as it were. My thanks to the whole organization for its mission and hard work of many people. Harsh Vardhan, Partner, Bain & Company India Pvt Ltd. 

The Nirantar Neeraj show was an excellent effort and Kavi Neeraj's personal appearance was the icing on the cake! Overall, well put together and executed as always. Thank you for all the efforts. Ramesh Venkat, Chief Executive Officer, Fairwinds Asset Managers Ltd.

I cannot explain in words how much I enjoyed the show. Suneela Verma

We truly enjoyed the evening. All of you performed so well. The format with songs and dance made it memorable. To top it all Neeraj himself was present. What more can one ask? Kamlesh Vikamsey, Partner, Khimji Kunverji & Co.