Siddharth Pandey

Siddharth has recently founded LEH LEH Sports, an entrepreneurial venture to promote physical sports among the working class and older generation.

Preceding this, Siddharth travelled extensively over the world in his previous jobs during the last 10 years. He worked for 6 years with Electrolux Asia Pacific at various positions and stepped out, while he was International Sales and Marketing Manager, responsible for the export business flows of the firms Asia Pacific factories. As an alumnus of the World’s largest youth organization - AIESEC, he spent many years at various leadership position including 2 years at the national office in Bombay. Siddharth completed his B.COM. from Shri Ram College of Commerce in Delhi and is a Gold Medalist from the Delhi Public School.  

Siddharth has a keen interest in lyrics and poetry, particularly shaayari. He is hobbyist poet and philosopher and sometimes writes his own compositions.